Zeni Geba – Episode 9 Synopsis (final)

Episode 9: Where is happiness?


Futaro has decided to die by blowing himself up with dynamite. Midori appears just as he is about to leave the house and says she wants to see him die with her own eyes just as she had promised. They drive to the secret childhood place that Futaro had often gone to to forget his unhappiness. Midori watches the small hut from a hill while Futaro goes inside and lights the fuse of the dynamite.

As the fuse burns, Futaro stares at the word “happiness” etched on a beam in the hut and he begins to imagine …

He imagines a different destiny for himself and those around him. One where his parents are warm and loving and where he has happy encounters with those whom he had manipulated or killed. He imagines meeting and falling in love with a cheerful and pretty Akane, asking her father for her hand in marriage, and having their first baby.

Anguish fills him at those thoughts and in the last moments before the dynamite explodes, Futaro is suddenly seized by the fear of death. Then the hut blows up …

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2 Responses to Zeni Geba – Episode 9 Synopsis (final)

  1. Kumako says:

    that is very sad. I loved this show and I had no idea whether to love Futarou or hate him.

  2. Anthony Nguyen says:

    But that last scene…before he caught sight of the word “happiness”…
    -I know…I know I tell you….I’m going to die already. Is that what you want? I’ll disappear. But… I don’t think I was wrong. Not even a little. Certainly, I’m a murderer. A criminal. I’ll go to hell. But I believe this: In this rotten world, the people who act calm and live frivolously are far crazier. Listen: everyone living in this world is a Zeni Geba. You all don’t realize it…No, you all pretend not to realize it… and just live like a bunch of house-trained pigs. If that’s fine with you, then please be happy. But, even if I die, people like me will come one after another. The Zeni Geba walk everywhere. Farewell.
    That means it’s in our nature to be greedy (and maybe power hungry), and it’s only a matter of time before all of society, every single person in the planet, succumbs to their basic instinct. Gulp…

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