Zeni Geba – Episode 7 Synopsis

Episode 7: The price of life is also money after all…?


Futaro is arrested on suspicion of hurting Ogino’s wife, Kanae, by pushing her down a flight of stairs. Ogino, who thinks he has finally caught Futaro, grills him in the interrogation room at the precinct but Futaro keeps quiet and seems to be in a daze. He grows haggard and collapses in prison.

At that moment, he recalls something. It is the memory of the day he had run away from the town of his childhood where he had committed his first crime. He had met an old homeless man whom he thought he could trust. However, the old man had betrayed his confidence and tipped off the police in exchange for money. It all comes down to money …

Ogino is forced to release Futaro when it emerges that he has an alibi. Furthermore, the assailant has turned himself in to the police. He is none other than Nonomura Shinichi. Seeing the striking resemblance he bears to Futaro, a shocked Ogino immediately makes the connection between the two men and is enraged.

Midori apologises to Akane for her deception. The fact that Futaro had killed her father in cold blood doesn’t bother Akane who says her love for him won’t change. Even Futaro’s admission that everything had been deliberate manipulation on his part since the time they had met doesn’t seem to faze her though she is stunned beyond words. He bluntly tells her, “I’ve never been interested in you from the start. Your role is over. It doesn’t matter whether you live or die.” But Akane responds by saying, “I love you. I’m happy that I can be with you.” Midori, on the other hand, vows to make Futaro realise his mistake.

Kanae’s health deteriorates and she needs surgery. In desperation, Ogino turns to Futaro for help even though he despises Futaro for thinking that he can do anything for the sake of money. Futaro offers to give him money if he will say the words, “Money is important after all.” Ogino swallows his pride and resentment and repeats those words. Then he takes the money and walks away with a heavy heart …

Meanwhile, Midori visits the town that Futaro had grown up in. How had Futaro acquired his personality? Midori walks around his hometown alone in search of the answer. She coincidentally meets, Futaro’s father Kenzo there. Kenzo tells her about the agreement that Futaro had made with him. While Midori had been gracious to Kenzo in the past, she is unable to hide her disdain and contempt for him now. “How about keeping a promise made to your son?”

At that moment, Akane is waiting alone in the Mikuni residence for Futaro. She prepares to do something in order to rescue him in her own way.

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