Zeni Geba – Episode 8 Synopsis

Episode 8: Evil will kill quietly


Akane, who loved Futaro to the end, has committed suicide. All a stunned Futaro can do is gape at her lifeless body. Midori is devastated by her sister’s death. She demands to know what Futaro did to Akane. “I just told her ‘I don’t care whether you live or die,'” he says without a trace of remorse. “You’re cruel. She loved you all along, no matter what you did to her.” Midori draws out a knife to attack him but he easily disarms her.

The next day, Midori thanks Futaro for making her sister feel happy. “It’s the first time I had seen her with such a happy face. I believe she killed herself because she didn’t want to lose that happiness.” Then some thought comes to Futaro … “Shall we go for a drive?” Midori is bewildered by Futaro’s invitation. Their destination is a secret childhood place that is known only to Futaro and his mother. It is a place that he had often gone to to forget his unhappiness …

At that moment, the Nonomuras are confronted with shocking facts and consumed with mixed feelings. Futaro had hired Shinichi to push Ogino’s wife down the staircase. Furthermore, Shinichi is deep in debt. Driven by desperation, Yuka calls Futaro out and offers her body to him in exchange for money. Futaro is disgusted. When he visits Izuya after that encounter, Shoko begs him to lend them 20 million yen but he refuses. Then Satoshi threatens him with a knife and demands money in exchange for their silence on Shinichi’s matter …

Ogino, who has handed in his resignation, visits Futaro and finally learns that the death of his younger brother, Hiroshi, had been an accident. Futaro hadn’t intended to kill him. He reveals that Hiroshi had called him on the night of the incident to tell him of his intention to adopt Futaro and teach him happiness.

Meanwhile, Kenzo appears at the Mikuni residence … He has come to return the 1 billion yen in cash.

“I’m a poor man after all.
It’s good enough for me if I have a little money.
It’s a luxury if I always have 65,000 yen in my pocket.
You know, it’s enough if I have a fair bit to drink.
I don’t know how to use money for important things. Pathetic as it may be.
I find my life empty, wandering about with 1 billion yen.
In the end, it’s a life that’s at the mercy of money.
These are just scraps of paper.
I only want to wander about as I wish.
Although I need money for that,
it doesn’t mean I want to live a life surrounded by money.
I’ll die anytime you tell me to do so.
But I’m returning this to you.”

Futaro won’t take his father’s life because of a promise made to his mother years ago. But he bids him farewell and to live life alone. Kenzo senses the direction of Futaro’s thoughts and warns him that children shouldn’t leave this world before their parents.

The next morning, Futaro awakes peacefully from his sleep for the first time in many years. It is because he has come to terms with life.

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