Zeni Geba – Episode 5 Synopsis

Episode 5: I don’t need friendship or love


A dead body has been buried in the garden. Because of a tip-off from someone, the police conducts a dig of the garden in the Mikuni residence. However, what emerges is just a hoax drawing. Having seen the mortification that Futaro couldn’t hold back as Sugeta dug up the ground, Ogino realises Futaro’s guilt and concludes that he must have killed Shirakawa Masaki.

Midori, who watched Futaro’s embattled expression, is gripped with indefinable anxieties and doubts about Futaro but she wants to believe in him. And so, Midori starts to investigate his background …

Meanwhile, Mikuni Joji takes Futaro to Mikuni Shipbuilding as his secretary and has him actively learn about the company. Futaro, who is lying in wait for an opportunity to seize the president’s position, pretends to be modest though he studies hard and he steadily wins the trust of his father-in-law and the company’s top executives.

Just at that moment, Futaro meets his former co-worker, Edano Yoshio, again. Edano is responsible for the recent threats, suspicious mail and bomb hoax that Mikuni Shipbuilding has received. He hates those who have money and wants to do something to help Futaro because he is dying of cancer. “When you told me your secret, I … was happy that you treated me as a friend,” Edano says. Futaro feels that their circumstances are identical and also has the same feelings about friendship but he proposes the implementation of some horrific plan that Edano willingly agrees to execute.

On the other hand, Midori tells Akane that she believes everything about Futaro is a lie. However, Akane takes the news well. “It doesn’t matter what he has done. I don’t care if he has killed people. I’ll stay together with him because I love him. And then I’ll make him love me,” she declares to her stunned sister.

A short while later, Midori receives news of their father’s death. Edano had shot Mikuni Joji and then committed suicide. The loss causes Midori to lose her senses. Futaro struggles with his emotions upon seeing the bodies of Edano and his father-in-law. “I’m not in the wrong!” he tells himself over and over again as he hurls money from the rooftop of Mikuni Shipbuilding while the faces of the people he had killed comes to mind …

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