Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 – Episode 6 Synopsis

Episode 6: Killing the husband


Shogoro is forced to visit a sick relative by his wife and mother-in-law. The man who welcomes Shogoro is Isesaki Togoro, a constable holding a high position at a shrine. Nonetheless, he is an amiable samurai who lives a life nursing his sick wife, Hatsue. However, it seems that Togoro, who is deep in debt because of his wife’s prescription charges, is pressed for money to the extent that he has to ask Shogoro for a loan.

Meanwhile, Ryoji, who is in need of cash due to a slump in his business, investigates Momose Shimizu, a practitioner of magic and divination with a reputation for curing illnesses, at Okiku’s request. A doctor by the name of Ryugen has acknowledged Shimizu’s ability but there are also rumours that Shimizu takes advantage of the relatives of sick people by coaxing them to buy items for extremely high prices with the claim that they will bring good luck.

At that moment, Shogoro goes with Denshichi to interrogate Shimizu because of a complaint by Kihei who calls himself a victim of Shimizu’s deception. However, the person who emerges from the front gate of Shimizu’s prayer place is Togoro. He declares that the practitioner is outside the jurisdiction of the magistrate’s office, and in contrast with the other day, drives the two of them away with a grim face.

Unable to lodge his complaint with the magistrate’s office, Kihei is troubled about the repayment of the money he had borrowed to pay Shimizu. Furthermore, that doctor named Ryugen had purchased the deed for that loan. Kihei’s daughter is taken away by Ryugen’s disciple, Sakuji, and Kihei commits suicide out of desperation.

On the other hand, when Shogoro visits Hatsue, he finds her circumstances to be worse than in the past and notices Shimizu’s string of beads around her neck. Hatsue reveals that she is a corpse that is living her life expectancy and worries that her husband is involved in bad things.

As Hatsue had feared, Togoro has conspired with Shimizu and Ryugen for his wife’s drug needs in order to prolong her life. At their request, Togoro attempts to kill a merchant trying to sue Shimizu but is stopped by Ryoji, who has been keeping watch, and fails in his mission.

With occurrence of this incident, the magistrate’s office finally sets out in earnest to investigate Shimizu. Shogoro warns Togoro to back off but he declares that he will even kill Buddha to keep his wife alive. Then Togoro slays merchants together with Sakuji.

At that moment, Hatsue’s condition worsens. Hatsue, who is breathing very feebly, asks Shogoro to set to work on her husband whose life has become a living hell. The “job” begins. Ryoji kills Ryugen while Genta and Mondo take on Sakuji and Shimizu. Shogoro reflects on Hatsue’s words requesting to cross the Sanzu River (River of Three Crossings) with her husband, and kills Togoro. At the same time, Hatsue breathes her last.

Guest stars:
Tanaka Misato as Hatsue
Nishimura Kazuhiko as Isesaki Togoro
Sasai Eisuke as Momose Shimizu
Iwasaki Hiroshi as Ryugen
Shinozuka Masaru as Sakuji
Hiura Ben as Kihei

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