Fuji TV Drama Special 2022 ~ Galileo ~ Kindan no Majutsu

Date: From 9.00 – 11.10 p.m., 17 September 2022
Original Work: Kindan no Majutsu by Higashino Keigo
Scriptwriter: Okada Michitaka (Trace, Nobunaga Concerto)
Director: Mitsuhashi Toshiyuki
Cast: Fukuyama Masaharu, Araki Yuko, Sawabe Yu, Murakami Nijiro, Mori Nana, Asakura Aki, Hirahara Tetsu, Nakamura Masatoshi (guest star), Suzuki Kosuke, Watanabe Ikkei, Kitamura Kazuki
Synopsis: Furushiba Shingo (Murakami Nijiro), a freshman from Teito University’s medical faculty, comes to visit Associate Professor Yukawa Manabu (Fukuyama Masaharu). Yukawa and Shingo were senior and junior at the same high school physics research cub, and as an alumni of the club, Yukawa had guided Shingo in his experiments. Knowing that Shingo’s father was a brilliant scientist, Yukawa expresses his surprise that Shingo joined the medical faculty and tells him, “If you’re as outstanding as he is, you’ll be able to do work that helps people in the medical field.” Shingo calls his older sister Akiho (Asakura Aki) to tell her how happy he was to meet Yukawa whom he respects. But for some reason, the person who answers the phone is a police officer … … Five months later, freelance writer Nagaoka Osamu (Hirahara Tetsu) is killed at home by a blow to the back of his head. A memory card containing a video file is left at the crime scene. An investigation by detective Kusanagi Shunpei (Kitamura Kazuki) and his subordinate Makimura Tomoka (Araki Yuko) establishes that Nagaoka was an opponent of a technology-related public works project that was being planned in Ibaraki Prefecture’s Mitsuhara City. The Diet member Oga Jinsaku (Suzuki Kosuke) had promoted this project. The video left by Nagaoka has footage of strange phenomenon where a hole suddenly opens in the wall of a warehouse. Once Kusanagi sees it, he takes Makimura to visit Yukawa at Teito University. When they show the video to Yukawa and say that the dead man’s name is Nagaoka, the expressions of Yukawa and his assistant Kuribayashi Hiromi (Watanabe Ikkei) completely change. Several days before Nagaoka was murdered, he had visited Yukawa’s lab. However, Yukawa does not tell the detectives about it and merely says, “Show me the place where this video was filmed.” Kusanagi is perturbed by Yukawa’s unusual behaviour as they head over to the site. When Yukawa finishes taking a look around, he slowly calls someone but the person does not answer. After that, Makimura and detective Otagawa Minoru (Sawabe Yu) start making inquiries at Mitsuhara City. They come to listen to Oga’s speech and try to find any connections with Nagaoka but are stopped by Oga’s secretary Ukai Kazuro (Nakamura Masatoshi). At the same time, Yukawa is at Kurasaka Machinery after finding out that Shingo dropped out of Teito University right after he was admitted and got a job at this small factory. As he surveys the inside of the factory, Kurasaka Yurina (Mori Nana) calls out to him and that is how he learns about Shingo’s current situation.
Official Website: www.fujitv.co.jp/galileo-drama2022
Twitter: twitter.com/galileo_kindan

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