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Utsumi Kaoru visits Yukawa Manabu to introduce him to Kishitani Misa, a rookie detective and Teito University graduate who joined the police force last year. Kaoru begins to talk about a case that occured at a Kamata multi-tenant building five years ago. It was a case in which the follower of Kuai no Kai, a shady new cult, plunged to his death from the fifth floor of the building which had become a branch of the church. However, the cult’s founder Renzaki Shiko said the cause of the death was due to his power being too strong when he tried to cleanse his follower of evil through a “sounen”. The police had to release Renzaki due to the lack of evidence. Kaoru shows Yukawa a series of continuous shots that a magazine’s photographer took on the night of the incident until the follower fell. She tells him that Renzaki did not lay a finger on the follower and that the eyeballs of the deceased were clouded. Learning that Renzaki is still conducting “sounen”, Yukawa shows a strong interest in the possibility of scientifically verifying phenomena which has a high likelihood of being reproduced. The proud and confident Misa is bewildered by Yukawa’s lack of interest in the background of the case, but visits the cult’s base with him. It is a community deep in the mountains. Renzaki and his followers are living a life of self-sufficiency here. Misa asks Renzaki to let them experience a “sounen” but … …

Fukuyama Masaharu as Yukawa Manabu
An assistant professor at Teito University’s Physics Department in the School of Science and Engineering. Handsome, brilliant and an all-round sportsman, he is overwhelmingly popular with female students. His lectures are always full of them. Because he shows almost no interest in things other than knowledge he is called “weird Galileo” by his former university schoolmate Kusanagi Shunpei as well as the students of his research lab. He believes that there always is a reason for all phenomena, does not like dismissing events which have scientific possibilities, and constantly snubs declarations of improbability. He detests children because they are irrational. Although he does not believe in the occult or psychic phenomenon, his knowledge in this area is that of an expert. He has no interest in criminals and investigation. He just has a strong desire to prove and unravel phenomenon that occurs in the cases.

Yoshitaka Yuriko as Kishitani Misa
An enthusiastic rookie detective who has been dispatched to Kaizuka Kita Police Precinct from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department since April this year. A graduate of Teito University’s faculty of law. Although she has no achievements to speak of, she is rather conceited. She does not use the polite form of speech even towards her elders and tramples over them without a qualm. The people who tend to be her targets are her superior Otagawa Minoru and Yukawa’s assistant Kuribayashi Hiromi. She realises that the people around her feel that she is not fit as a working adult because she is willful and selfish. However, she believes that even though she is a big mouth, she is a person who walks the talk.

Sawabe Yu as Otagawa Minoru
A detective of Kaizuka Kita Police Precinct’s Investigative Division. Utsumi Kaoru’s subordinate. Although he is the superior of the rookie detective Kishitani Misa, she speaks to him casually and he is unhappy that he is always treated badly.

Shibasaki Kou as Utsumi Kaoru
A detective of Kaizuka Kita Police Precinct and Kishitani Misa’s superior. During her time at the Traffic Division, she arrested 65 molesters. Wanting to be like Kusanagi Shunpei, she obtained a transfer to the Investigative Division six years ago. Through Kusanagi’s introduction, she would seek Yukawa Manabu’s assistance in investigations and the two of them solved numerous strange cases. She has an impulsive nature, and acts on intuition and emotions rather than logic. She would drops in on Yukawa’s seminar in order to solve cases and because of that his students believed that the two of them have a romantic relationship.

Kitamura Kazuki as Kusanagi Shunpei
A detective who used to work at Kaizuka Kita Police Precinct. He solved difficult cases such as the Kamata psychokinesis murder case and Haneda levitation incident with the help of Yukawa Manabu who is his former university schoolmate. Six years ago, he was promoted to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in recognition of his achievements. Because he is handsome, he is very popular with the female detectives.

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  1. Seizhin says:

    Why are there only 2 episodes of this?
    I’m a big fan of the series but I couldnt find anymore than Episode 1 and 2 of season 2.

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