Tamiou Spin-off ~ Hisho Kaibara to 6-nin no Ayashii Kyaku


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From 12.10 a.m., Fridays, 23 April – 27 May 2016

Chief secretary Kaibara Mohei has been charged with training young, second generation lawmakers. He is sent by Prime Minister Muto Taizan to Wataru Kohei, the well-known dumb son of one of the three big names in political circles. He rode on his father’s coat-tails, but his dumbness has started to come to light and he is considered to be at risk in the next election. As if teaching the dumb Wataru is not bad enough, a string of nuisance, suspicious petitioners from the electoral district visit and Kaibara is suffers even more distress and struggles.

Episode 1: Trainer Kaibara Mohei!
Story: Tsuruta Wataru, the irresponsible son of the lawmaker Tsuruta Yosuke, a Minseito Party heavyweight, is in his first year as an elected member of the Lower House. His level of dumbness has given the people around him, including his secretary Hanayama Natsuki a really hard time. Kaibara Mohei is dispatched to Wataru’s office as his trainer. Just after Kaibara assumes his duties, he sees Wataru enrage Azuma, who is the leader of his supporters. It appears that Wataru does not even remember Azuma’s face … …

Episode 2: Tokyo Governor Arrives
Story: Kaibara and Wataru watch the news about the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office’s raid on a major construction company. A visitor comes to the office. Hanayama receives the man, who identifies himself as Kimura Kenji from the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, and gets flustered. Both Wataru and Hanayama seem to have something to hide. Kimura starts to question the connection between the construction industry and Wataru in a tense atmosphere … …

Episode 3: The Man Called Martian
Story: On this day, a mysterious man who claims to come from Mars visits Wataru’s office. He touts a project to transform all of Japan in to a resort and demands that Wataru surrender the whole country for this purpose. He seems to have come with great hopes in Wataru’s slogan to revitalise Japan. Kaibara tries to get him to leave with his very strange proposal. However, the man announces that going against his request amounts to a brutal attack on Japan … …

Episode 4: A Scandalous Visitor
Story: Kaibara’s reeducation programme for Wataru has not yielded any results. In the middle of this, Wataru announces his own engagement and causes a big stir online. His fiancee is Tsubakihara Reiko, the daughter of a distinguished family. At that moment, Oido Michiko, a lawmaker and party leader, storms into the office making a violet protest. In truth, Michiko is Wataru’s older lover. Then Reiko arrives too in a case of bad timing and the two women run into each other … …

Episode 5: Messenger From the Fields
Story: Takagi Atsujiro, a farmer who has developed new varieties of vegetables, comes with a vegetable called ‘atsujiropus’. He is a wealthy farmer and his farm workers and their relatives make up a good many of Wataru’s votes. He wants Wataru to promote this vegetable which cannot be sold, but it becomes known that the atsujiropus is tough, unappetising and full of defects. Kaibara and the others gently persuade Takagi that this is impossible. A dejected Takagi is about to go back when an unexpected saviour appears … …

Episode 6: Trainer Kaibara Exits
Story: It is finally the last day of Kaibara’s mission as a trainer. Kaibara makes a last ditch effort, but Wataru’s laziness will not go away as usual. In the middle of this, Superintendent Nitta Satoru of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Departments Public Security Division appears on the office computer screen. A terrorist organisation, which identifies itself as a group to get rid of any dumb lawmaker has launched an attack targeted at Wataru. Achiki, the representative of the group, marches into the office which has been thrown into chaos by the news.

* Takahashi Issei as Kaibara Mohei
* Yano Masato as Tsuruta Wataru
* Satsukawa Aimi as Niizuma Yuka
* Laselle Ishii as Hanayama Natsuki
* Kaneda Akio as Kariya Koji
* Rokkaku Seiji as Konaka Jutaro (guest star)
* Satoi Kenta as Tanaka Kitaro (Ep 1)
* Hashimoto Satoshi as Kimura Kenji (Ep 2)
* Nomaguchi Toru as Mysterious man (Ep 3)
* Mikamo Eriko as Oido Michiko (Ep 4)
* Kishii Yukino as Tsubakihara Reiko (Ep 4)
* Musaka Naomasa as Takagi Atsujiro (Ep 5)
* Niizuma Seiko as Achiki (Ep 6)
* Yamauchi Takaya as Nitta Satoru (Ep 6)
* Okura Koji as Gotokuji Yoshitsune (Ep 6)

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One Response to Tamiou Spin-off ~ Hisho Kaibara to 6-nin no Ayashii Kyaku

  1. Mirtika says:

    OMG, I so hope they sub this. He was wonderful in Tamiou (which I enjoyed). I’m so glad we’ll see more of Kaibara. (I have such a crush on this actor, too, since I saw him in Dakara Koya.)

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