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The Democratic Party’s support ratings are at a historic low with embarrassing resignations from office by two successive prime ministers who have not served their full terms. The country is in danger of a third change of guard after the war. At the lowest point of the crisis, Muto Taizan who ran for the presidential election finally secures the prime minister’s seat with the help of the Democratic Party’s boss, Shiroyama Kazuhiko. While celebrating with his long-time ally, Kariya Koji, and chief secretary, Kaibara Mohei, at a high-end Akasaka club, Kaibara is the only one who reminds Taizan not to let his son, Sho, get in his way by causing an incident. Sho is disgusted with his father who is only interested in status and power, and neglects his family. When he became a university student, he did not even want to go near his house and has been lodging for free at Kitchen Yamikumo which is in some sordid part of town. On his visit to the shop, Taizan sees Sho holding hands with a scantily clad female. Sho does not display considerable interest even when told that his father has become the prime minister. Taizan gives Sho a warning not to cause an incident and leaves Kitchen Yamikumo. The next morning, Taizan receives a report about the gaffe of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Emi. Emi’s outburst at the budget committee that day about the company presidents of small and medium enterprises being idiots with a lack of corporate effort is the hot topic. Pressured by Shiroyama to make Emi resign, Taizan is discomfited. At that moment, his molar which has been hurting, starts to hurt even more … … On the other hand, Sho is squaring off against a suspicious-looking man who has come to Kitchen Yamikumo. It seems that the owner, Yamikumo Wataru, has debts which he is behind on repayment. Minami Mai, the senior whom Sho adores, and Murano Erika, a junior, arrives just then. Sho valiantly attempts to send this man away. However, his head crashes into a frying pan in a slight accident and he feels an intense pain. When Sho regains consciousness, he is in the middle of the budget committee. He sees dignified old men all around him and lets out a small cry, “No way! The Diet? Why!?” Sho flails and looks around restlessly. But because the people around him see him as Taizan, it makes a strange sight. Sensing something abnormal, the chairman of the committee imposes a recess and Sho heads for the private residence in a fluster. Meanwhile, Taizan, who should be at the budget committee, wakes up in Kitchen Yamikumo. Surrounded by Mai, Erika and other people he has never seen before, his train of thought comes to a complete stop. He rushes into the toilet, looks in the mirror and sees his son’s face in the reflection! Taizan lets out a scream while muffling his voice. Nothing makes any sense. He goes to his private residence where he is reunited with Sho who is in his own body. The two of them have somehow ended up swopping bodies. Taizan and Sho succeed in convincing Kariya and Kaibara in one way or another. Because the country is the most important, the Minister of Defense must first be notified even for a trip to the hospital. With no known cause or solution at hand, Sho reluctantly ends up appearing in the Diet on his father’s behalf. But he completely cannot follow the deliberations as well as the questions and answers because it has been his routine to skip his studies. He is also repeatedly caught making childish responses or misreading kanji in documents. However, untainted by the adult world, Sho’s straightforward opinions and genuine feelings start to mobilise the Diet and the public. On the other hand, Taizan has to lead the life of a university student and search for a job on behalf of his son, but with the brains of a prime minister. He refutes arrogant interviewers with his overwhelming knowledge and debating skills. Although Taizan wins the war of words, he is an absolute failure in the interviews itself. Furthermore, several peculiar girls whom Sho has had relationships with appear and makes Taizan more bewildered.

Endo Kenichi as Muto Taizan
The Prime Minister of Japan. Just when he finally wins the prime minister’s seat at the end of a long political battle, he swops bodies with his son, Sho. After the body swop, he has no choice but to start job hunting on Sho’s behalf. But he ends up refuting arrogant interviewers and failing every interview. He is overly worried about his ignorant, useless son responding to questions in the Diet and turning up for the budget committee. He eventually sticks to the prime minister’s side as a flunky. At the same time, he re-examines society from the perspective of a university student and regains his pure ambition to make Japan better. He gradually starts to become the true “king of the people”.

Suda Masaki as Muto Sho
Muto Taizan’s son. An expert on cooking and beauty, he is one of those “feminine guys” who is now in fashion. A useless son who does not study at university and does not even come near home. No one has any idea what he is doing. He thinks that his father is a horrible man for only having interest in status and power, and neglecting the family. He often provides advice about female problems maybe because he was doted on by his mother and housekeeper as he grew up. He has fallen in love with his senior, Minami Mai. After the body swop with his father, he even understands what Taizan thinks about society. He is initially derided by the people for his terrible answers when he starts attending the Diet as Prime Minister. But his direct manner of speaking soon leads to a surge in people identifying with him and his support ratings begin to rise.

Motokariya Yuika as Minami Mai
A young company president who set up a job placement service with an associate after graduating from university. Because the shop, Kitchen Yamikumo, which is near the university, is run by her late mother’s relative and she would always come and go. She is suddenly offered an opportunity to become an apprentice to the prime minister’s secretary as part of Kariya Koji and Kaibara Mohei’s strategy to motivate Sho who has ended up becoming the prime minister and takes the job. Seeing Sho’s oddly masculine personality after the body swop with Taizan, she starts to be attracted to him of all things!

Jiyoung as Murano Erika
Muto Sho’s classmate who is beautiful like a model. She respects and admires Minami Mai who is her senior. On the other hand, she treats Sho with contempt and often provokes him with words. Her parents are divorced. No one knows that she is actually the daughter of Muto Taizan’s political opponent, Kuramoto Shiro, because she took her mother’s maiden name.

Takahashi Issei as Kaibara Mohei
Muto Taizan’s chief secretary. An excellent support to the prime minister with his extremely serious and devoted character. He is characterised by his cool, in-depth analysis of everything. After the body swop, he prepares the prime minister’s scripted answers and makes a great effort to support Sho. He is a guy who takes things at his own pace. No one can read his true feelings. When he drinks alcohol, he would give vent to the accumulated stress and completely change. But he hides this from the people around him too.

Kaneda Akio as Kariya Koji
Muto Taizan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary and ally of 30 years. He is sentimental and compassionate. After the body swop, he tries hard to follow Sho. But his own fondness for women becomes his ruin and puts him in an unexpectedly difficult position.

Minemura Rie as Muto Aya
Muto Taizan’s wife and Sho’s mother. She was charmed by the ambition of a young Taizan and got married. But as soon as he became a politician, problems with women arose. Now their relationship has become loveless. After Taizan became the prime minister, they have been playing a “happy couple” on the surface. But when the two of them are in private, she demands 100 million yen from Taizan in exchange for keeping quite about his numerous affairs.

Kusakari Masao as Kuramoto Shiro
The leader of the Rikken Party. Muto Taizan’s long-time political opponent. A dandy since he was young, he is more popular with females than Taizan. Taizan is also aware of this. He drove the previous prime ministers to resign with his persistent questioning in the Diet. Needless to say, he makes accusations about everything for the sake of eliminating Taizan, who has become the prime minister, with the aim of a change of administration.

Nishida Toshiyuki as Shiroyama Kazuhiko
The Democratic Party’s bigwig and the leader of the Shiroyama faction which Muto Taizan belongs to. He is the boss of the political world. Although he has a soft smile, it is impossible to understand what he is thinking. He is the person who thrust Taizan into the prime minister’s seat.

Nishiogi Yumie (SPEC Series, Ando Lloyd)

Original Work
Tamiou by Ikeido Jun

#1: Prime Minister Swops Body with Useless Son in Diet Tumult! What will become of Japan’s Future?
#2: The Silly Prime Minister’s First “Hospitality Diplomacy”!! Protect Japan’s National Interests with Sumo, Idols and Sushi?!
#3: Political Opponents
#4: The Child Prime Minister’s Predicament! A Budget Committee of Friendship and Tears, Dismissal of Allies …!! I’ll Quit as Prime Minister too!!
#5: I Want to Help Children! Weakest Prime Minister vs National Budget Love, Guitar and Youth Revolution I’ll Change Japan
#6: Weakest Cabinet vs Terrorists … Assassination of Prime Minister
#7: Live, the Prime Minister whom I Believe! The True Enemy is Right in Front
#8: The Weakest Prime Minister vs Nagatacho Monsters! A General Election of Betrayal and Friendship The People’s King of Our Choice

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