TV Asahi Drama Special 2016 ~ Tamiou ~ Aratanaru Inbou

Tamiou SP

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 15 April 2016
Scriptwriter: Nishiogi Yumie (Tamiou, SPEC Series, Ando Lloyd)
Original Work: Tamiou by Ikeido Jun
Cast: Endo Kenichi, Suda Masaki, Motokariya Yuika, Jiyoung, Minemura Rie, Yamauchi Takaya, Kadowaki Mugi, Okura Koji, Takahashi Issei, Kaneko Akio
Synopsis: Prime Minister Muto Taizan (Endo Kenichi) overwhelmingly wins the confidence of the public and is re-elected. Even though the second Muto cabinet makes a good start in popularity and expectations, Taizan heads to Uzurskitan in a plane in the company of his chief secretary Kaibara Mohei (Takahashi Issei) for diplomacy that will have the potential to raise his popularity even further. At that moment, Muto Sho (Suda Masaki) who got a job with his first choice employer Agri Traditional, is focusing on the orientation for new employees. He works hard in the fields even though he is unsteady on his feet. But he feels a shock like an electric charge pass through his body for a moment and when he recovers consciousness, he is sitting beside Kaibara on the government plane to Uzurskitan. At the same time, Taizan is in the fields that Sho is supposed to work. Father and son have swopped bodies again, of all things! Sho is going on his first date with Minami Mai (Motokariya Yuika) this weekend and pleads to be allowed to come back to Japan. However, Kaibara will not comply. He reasons with Sho to continue the diplomacy on behalf of Taizan and tides through the emergency. At that moment, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kariya Koji (Kaneko Akio) who was left behind in the Diet, is in the middle of major chaos. The ministers have suddenly become infantile and a strange incident of them crying and running away from the floor during the live broadcast of Diet proceedings happened. Someone seems to have caused their bodies to swop with six kindergarten children in Tokyo! According to a report by Niita Satoru (Yamauchi Takaya) of Public Security, the technology to hijack brain waves this time was stolen from the KGB. This latest technology is a hybrid method which can trigger a swop without embedding a chip in the gums. Taizan and Kariya try to look for a solution with help from Mai and Murano Erika (Jiyoung) but … … Meanwhile, Sho has succeeded in deepening the exchange with Uzurskitan’s President. Taizan and the others who are watching the dialogue on TV, start to have doubts about his dignified behaviour and fluent English. Is this the real Sho? Kaibara gets in touch and sure enough, because Sho has swopped bodies again, someone is impersonating Taizan. Who is posing as the prime minister and conducting diplomacy? And where is Sho’s soul? These are all connected to an incident that Taizan faced in the past.
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