TBS Monday Golden Short Drama 2014 ~ Deka Fuufu

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 3 February 2014
Cast: Suzuki Sawa, Ishiguro Ken, Hoshino Mari, Murai Miki, Ida Kunihiko, Sugata Haruka, Eto Jun, Shimofusa Gentaro, Tsukayama Masane, Yuki Sanae, Tamura Ryo, Ichige Yoshie
Synopsis: A man is holding a lot of shopping bags at a department store. A woman leaves him to himself and goes on and on. They are Kagami Ryoko (Suzuki Sawa) and Taro (Ishiguro Ken), a newly wed couple. “This is also lovely!” What do you think?” Ryoko asks her half-dazed husband. He grumbles about not being able to carry anymore if she is still buying. At that moment, a woman’s cry echoes on that floor. When the two of them turn around, a snatch thief is trying to flee with a shopper’s handbag. The Kagamis immediately start running. Taro protects Kijimuta Shizue (Ichige Yoshie) who was shoved and knocked down by the thief. Ryoko gives pursuit and catches the criminal. The couple are detectives. Ryoko and Taro are invited by a grateful Shizue to her house. At the Kijimuta residence, they are introduced to her husband Yozo (Tamura Ryo). Shizue and Yozo have been married for 35 years and their relationship has remained harmonious despite the passage of time. They look like the ideal couple to Ryoko and Taro. At that moment, the mobile phones of the Kagamis ring. Ryoko is informed about an unnatural death while Taro learns of a hit-and-run case. The two of them are far from the ideal couple as they rush to the entrance without a thought for the other. What awaits Ryoko when she arrives at the scene is the dead body of Odagiri Mitsuo (Eto Jun) who fell to his death. Everyone is reaching the conclusion that it was a suicide, but Ryoko is the only one who cannot shake off her sense of discomfort. She obsesses about the words of Odagiri’s wife Kayo (Sugata Haruka). “We’ve been together for 15 years. He couldn’t possibly kill himself.” Ryoko is convinced because they are husband and wife. Relying solely on Kayo’s words, she sets out to investigate. On the other hand, Taro also makes little headway in the hit-and-run case he is in charge of. The female victim is in a coma and there have been no eyewitness statements too. With Taro’s help, Ryoko finally finds evidence of murder from surveillance cameras, and a suspect is detained. These two cases which don’t appear to have any connection, are tied to a sad incident in the past … …
Official Website: www.tbs.co.jp/getsugol/20140203

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