TV Tokyo Drama Special 2014 ~ 15-nenme no Dousoukai

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From 10.54 – 11.00 p.m., Mondays, 3 – 17 February 2014

Six men and women were classmates at a junior high school in a provincial town. It is their 15th class reunion since graduation and each of their lives are set in motion.

Episode 1
Synopsis: Ichikawa Jun, the son and heir of a temple, has been dating Akamatsu Kana since junior high school. Kana is an office lady at a local company. However, she decides to go to Tokyo in order to realise her dream. The two of them part. Jun remains at the temple while Kana gets on an airplane bound for Tokyo. Each of them look hard at the bonds which have arisen from the changes and the constants.
Cast: Yamanaka Takashi, Seki Megumi

Episode 2
Synopsis: Salesman Yokoyama Takayuki liked Toda Miwako during junior high school days. He learns that she is still single and is working at the counter of an insurance company in front of the train station. After the class reunion, Takayuki and Miwako reaffirm their 15-year long feelings and decide to take the step to create new bonds.
Cast: Maeno Tomoya, Hoshino Mari

Episode 3
Synopsis: Hayashi Kohei, who is married with three children, has a word that he did not tell Tanaka Rika whom he dated behind everyone’s back during junior high school days. On the other hand, Rika, an announcer with the local television station, has a word that she wants to hear from Kohei. The single word which has become their link is spoken in their 15th year.
Cast: Abe Tsuyoshi, Nakamura Yuri

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