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Saturdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 11 January 2014


Mystery buff Umizuki Chinami, who is on the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s career track, dreams of going out into the field as a detective. Her long-desired wish comes true when she is assigned to the First Investigative Division’s Eighteenth Section. Chinami starts her first day of work with unbridled enthusiasm. However, the detectives of the section regard her with glum expressions. It will be a big inconvenience to them for a career officer to come to crime scenes. Fearful of the heavy responsibility they will be saddled with the moment there is a blemish in Chinami’s career, the section chief Kawahagi Tsuyoshi strictly restricts her activities to ones that will keep her out of trouble. In addition, he forces the young detective Shitara Kyosuke to take care of Chinami and not let her participate in investigations. Meanwhile, a junior high school student is shot dead with a gun. Information on this shocking incident comes in. Chinami is kept at the headquarters but she shakes off Kyosuke, and starts to make inquiries at the crime scene. Because she is an amateur at investigations but a mystery buff, what Kyosuke thought to himself is unexpectedly on the mark. Chinami surmises that the case is connected to bullying. However, Kawahagi and the others turn a deaf ear. On top of that, they fail to catch a person who has been released on parole that they are pursuing because of her blunder. Although Chinami is scolded by Kawahagi who reminds her that she is not included in investigations, she does not flinch from this. She busies herself doing what she can to solve the case. Kyosuke had a promising future until he winds up having the blundering Chinami as his partner. At first, he is in a quandry, but he starts to listen to her opinions. Even though the two of them are scolded by veteran detectives and made to feel like a burden, this curious duo go on to confront and solve difficult cases, and save Japan.

Takei Emi as Umizuki Chinami
A rookie detective assigned to the First Investigative Division’s Eighteeth Section, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Rank: Inspector. She is on the career track. While enrolled in Tokyo University, she passed the national examination for grade 1 civil servants on her first attempt and also graduated at the top of her class at the police academy. Although her future is secure, she has completely no interest in career advancement. She simply wishes to go out into the field and investigate as a detective. She has no notions, preconceptions and hunches of a detective. This in a way becomes her weapon. She deciphers and solves cases with ideas and perspectives that will not occur to the detectives. Her greatest weakness is her lack of a sense of direction.

TAKAHIRO as Shitara Kyosuke
A detective of the First Investigative Division’s Eighteeth Section, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Rank: Police Officer. A native of Nagasaki Prefecture and a typical Kyushu guy. He has a black belt in karate and a level eight in calligraphy. A person with a sense of justice and duty, he worked his way up from the police box to become the ace in a precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division and was assigned to the First Investigative Division with great fanfare. However, his biggest mission now is to be the babysitter of the rookie female inspector Umizuki Chinami. During junior high school days, he almost went astray. That was when he met the karate instructor Kaneshiro Shinjuro. Captivated by his psyche, he became his disciple. He now rents a room at Kaneshiro’s house. At times, he helps to coach children in karate.

Yashima Norito as Kawahagi Tsuyoshi
The head of of the First Investigative Division’s Eighteeth Section, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Rank: Inspector. He is the person who instructs Shitara Kyosuke to look after Umizuki Chinami. He is by no means a bad fellow. He is a hardworking person who has a stronger sense of justice and responsibility than anybody else. But he tends to be given the cold shoulder by his subordinates because he is pig-headed and sarcastic. He is the typical non-career detective who worked his way up the ranks. He gets deceived by deputy commissioner Kobayakawa Yasuhiro and director Inoue Nobumitsu, and gets drawn into the internal power struggle.

Sano Shiro as Kobayakawa Yasuhiro
A career officer and the deputy commissioner of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He and the commissioner Echizen Norimasa were former rivals. The conservative Kobayakawa is also a necessary evil for the police organisation. He is an individual who believes that pretty words alone cannot protect this country. He does not display any outward signs but he is plotting to make Echizen retire quickly. This time, it was Echizen who planned for Umizuki Chinami to be sent to the Eighteeth Section as part of higher vigilance.

Emoto Akira as Echizen Norimasa
The commissioner of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Even though he is the leader of the organisation, he seems to be easygoing and genial. However, when he was young, he was a formidable person who solved numerous difficult cases even if he was the chief of a police precinct or director at headquarters. He is a person who rose to his present position kept in line in the conservative, corrupt organisation and took command. He meets Umizuki Chinami for the first time and sends her into the Eighteeth Section. This is one of his big plans to clean up the organisation but … …

YOU as Umizuki Momoko
Umizuki Chinami’s mother. Ever since Chinami was bullied at school, she has had a tendency to interfere excessively. Now she behaves jovially in front of her daughter without being openly meddlesome, but her inner feelings are different. She is strongly opposed to Chinami being a detective. Her condition is that if Chinami fervently wants to be one, she has to become a career officer. Chinami is put through the national examination for grade 1 civil servants but she never expected that her daughter would be assigned to the First Investigative Division.

Ibuki Goro as Umizuki Tateo
Umizuki Chinami’s father. When his daughter declared that she wanted to become a detective, he was shocked but he respected her wishes and did not object. Although he does not talk about it, he is actually beside himself with worry. He does not know how to interact with the introverted Chinami. He had left her upbringing all to his wife Momoko since her childhood. Even now when there is something he wants to say to Chinami, he would get Momoko to interpret for him.

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