Sneak Peek at Saikou no Rikon Special


I’m pretty late to this but it’s official, the Saikou no Rikon special airs in two weeks on 8 February at 9.00 p.m.! We catch up with Mitsuo, Yuka, Akari and Ryo one year later to see how the two couples are faring with each other. But it’s not halcyon days because they are going to get buffeted by new turbulence.

Ryo’s first love Shiomi Kaoru, with whom he ran away to Hokkaido for a short-lived three days during high school, comes back into his life just as he starts to experience fatherhood. Mitsuo takes the leap and declares that he and Yuka will remarry to the delight of their families. However, a divorced bento vendor Kurobe Santoku with two young children presents a complication.

I think Mitsuo and Yuka still haven’t found common ground on the issue of children despite their feelings for each other and this will be their story arc in the special. Now that they have come full circle, Kurobe’s appearance is probably not so much a threat, even with him taking a liking to Yuka and being a father to adorable children that she so longs to have, but something to propel Mitsuo to re-examine his motivations. That will be a good thing. The introduction of Ryo’s first love makes me groan. It’s a really convenient setup in the same way that Akari’s pregnancy suddenly defused all the simmering attraction and tension being played out among the four characters. I haven’t cared for Akari and Ryo as a couple after they rather pragmatically settled for each other so I don’t really look forward to watching their relationship be put through the wringer again.

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1 Response to Sneak Peek at Saikou no Rikon Special

  1. Rootabega says:

    Ooh, I can’t wait. I agree, the “first love returns” sounds lame, and unless Shiomi Kaoru teaches Ryo a good character-building lesson, I don’t see the point. Also, why can’t Yuka’s relationship complications involve Junnosuke-kun as well?;) That would be great:))
    I also feel that Yuka and Mitsuo’s personal struggles involving parenthood form the most compelling narrative and should be front and centre in this dorama special.

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