Drama Special for Saikou no Rikon in 2014


Fuji TV has announced that Saikou no Rikon will be returning for a drama special in February after a one-year hiatus. While I loved the romantic comedy, I’m torn between feeling thrilled and wary about what could unfold. Specials often leave me disgruntled for being mere fillers or not staying true to the original. But we have the assured hand of Sakamoto Yuji, and an engrossing couple in Eita and Ono Machiko.

The story picks up one year later after the divorce papers were written. Mitsuo still has the habit of complaining at the dentist, but he continues to live with Yuka and is entertaining thoughts of remarriage. On the other hand, Akari has given birth to her child in Aomori and Ryo is waiting for her to come back to Tokyo the next day. Things appear to be going well for the two couples. However, the four of them will face a new big crisis. The teaser are the three keywords “first love”, “children” and “life’s choices”.

That’s all we have for now until February.

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1 Response to Drama Special for Saikou no Rikon in 2014

  1. Rootabega says:

    Ahh, the expression “don’t mess with perfection” comes to mind, doesn’t it?
    The main cast pic made me nostalgic for this dorama, though.

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