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Tuesdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 9 October 2012

Fuji TV

Tsuboi Ryota, a producer at a CM production company, lives with his food stylist wife Sae and their fourth grade elementary school-going daughter Moe. He is caught in the middle at home as well as at work and has no place where he can be himself. One day, Ryota’s father, Eisuke, collapses on a golf trip to Nagano and is brought to the hospital. When Ryota rushes over, his mother is waiting and moments later his elder sister Takiko and brother-in-law Kenji arrive. This incident is the trigger for a transformation in Ryota’s “happy in his own way” life. An enigmatic beauty as well as a man who knows his father’s past appear, and then there is his father’s inexplicable behaviour … … It appears that he was searching for a small legendary living creature in his birthplace. Although Ryota thinks that it cannot exist, he encounters various people as he attempts to investigate this mystery and his heart starts to change a little by little.

* Abe Hiroshi as Tsuboi Ryota
* Yamaguchi Tomoko as Tsuboi Sae
* Miyazaki Aoi as Shimojima Naho
* YOU as Ito Takiko
* Yasuda Ken as Ito Kenji
* Masuno Hidetomo (Bakarythm) as Kobayashi Satoru
* Makita Aju as Tsuboi Moe
* Arai Hirofumi as Sanada Jun
* Abe Sadao as Tokunaga Taro
* Lily as Tsuji Tokiko
* Natsuyagi Isao as Tsuboi Eisuke
* Yoshiyuki Kazuko as Tsuboi Toshiko
* Nishida Toshiyuki as Torii Osamu

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