Going My Home CM

45-year-old salaryman: Let’s begin the preview.
Client: That’s a bit difficult to read.
Junior at work: Are you overexerting yourself, senior?
45-year-old salaryman: Why no. I feel happy everyday.

Popular food stylist wife: I’m counting on you during times like this.
Daughter: It’s not like one goes to school because one’s happy.
45-year-old salaryman: That’s true.

Always caught in the middle at work and at home

Popular food stylist wife: You’re weak.
45-year-old salaryman: Don’t say I’m weak.

A big but weak man

Mother: Because it’s of no use.

45-year-old salaryman: Huh? Dad?
Mother: They said he has to have complete bed rest for a while.

A mysterious woman appears at his father’s hospital room

Mysterious woman: Hello

Mysterious woman: He said that he saw it as a child.
45-year-old salaryman: Kuna? I’ve been searching for it. Oh, why am I doing this?
Mother: He wasn’t hiding.
Sister: A half sister?!

A strange, rather incomprehensible story

Dentist: I was the one who killed it.

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This blog contains information and musings on current and upcoming Japanese dramas but is not intended to be comprehensive.
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