Anata no Butsu ga, Koko ni

Anata no Butsu ga, Koko ni

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From 10.45 p.m., Mondays – Thursdays, 22 August 2022



Women working in the nightlife business started losing their means of livelihood with the repeated declarations of a state of emergency since April 2020. On the other hand, e-commerce grew rapidly as a result of the order to stay at home. The package delivery and transport industries had to handle an unprecedented amount of goods while small and medium-sized transport companies were consigned to make home deliveries. 29-year-old Yamazaki Ako from Amagasaki City in Hyogo Prefecture makes a living at a hostess bar in Osaka with her quick wits and animated conversation. But her life changes drastically due to the pandemic. With no customers coming to the bar, her earnings plummet, savings run out and her only safety net is a COVID-19 benefit payment. However, she falls victim to a scam related to this benefit payment and eventually loses her job. As a single mother of a 10-year-old daughter Miyu, her only hope is to change jobs and become a delivery driver for Maruka Transportation. Ako is somewhat apathetic but in the process of grappling with all sorts of difficulties, she is able to find affirmation … …

Nimura Sawa as Yamazaki Ako
A single mother who works at a hostess bar in Osaka’s Juso district. The bar’s customers dropped due to the pandemic and she starts working as a delivery driver for Maruka Transportation in order to earn money.

Maida Nono as Yamazaki Miyu
Yamazaki Ako’s only daughter. A cheerful and dependable fifth grader in elementary school. Ako worries about her.

Tsuda Kenjiro as
Maruka Transportation’s best delivery driver. He is designated as Yamazaki Ako’s instructor but is less than pleased and hard on her.

Kimura Midoriko as Yamazaki Misato
Yamazaki Ako’s mother. She runs a okonomiyaki joint in Amagasaki City. Her husband died of illness and she raised Ako on her own. However, the relationship between mother and daughter has been strained.

Sakurai Tsuyoshi (4-punkan no Marigold, Fuwaku no Scrum, Bakumatsu Gurume Bushi Meshi Series)

Bonkobara Makoto, Nagikawa Yoshiro, Sahara Yuki

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