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From 9.00 p.m., Thursdays, 21 January – 18 March 2021


TV Asahi

Kureno Masora has dreams as she works at a big university hospital’s emergency centre in Tokyo. But one day, she suddenly discovers that she has an illness. She does not earn much money as a doctor and wants to continue with her job. Masora happens to learn that Niji no Mura, a small village located deep in the mountains, is recruiting doctors. Hiding her illness, she applies to work there and is immediately hired. Boarding a somewhat dodgy bus which goes through thick forests, Masora arrives at Niji no Mura. While waiting for someone to meet her at the village bus stop where she alighted, a young girl who looks like the household deity beckons her to Nijiiro Shoten, the village’s only eatery. When she enters Nijiiro Shoten, she discovers a great number of villagers including the eatery’s owners Toda Harunobu and Yukino, and town hall employee Midorikawa Arashi have been waiting to welcome her. Masora is finally guided to the clinic where she meets a strange surgeon Asagi Saku who boasts that his main job is a farmer, and a very outstanding but short-fused young nurse Aoyama Taiyo who have also arrived from Tokyo. She ends up living under the same roof as the two guys and starts a new life at Niji no Mura Clinic. ~ Even if it is not the life a person wished for, and even if the faces of the persons they love will be forgotten. Both doctors and patients are human. ~ In life, there is rain and rainbows. This is a story of the growth of a medical team who are not at all super doctors interwoven with laughter, tears and squabbles with the villagers.

Takahata Mitsuki as Kureno Masora
A physician who arrives at Niji no Mura from Tokyo. She led a busy life at a large hospital that also had an emergency outpatient unit until the sudden discovery of her illness. Learning that a small village was recruiting doctors, she submitted her application and was immediately hired. She engages in long conversations with the elderly villagers and is a hardworking doctor who creates colourful, handwritten medical records. However, she is hopeless at housework, her room is untidy and she is equally bad at cooking, especially cutting vegetables. She cries when she feels down, giggles when she is happy and shows her frustration when she is irritated. While she is a doctor, she has to come to terms with her new life as a patient. She gradually endears herself to the villagers and becomes an integral part of the village.

Iura Arata as Asagi Saku
A surgeon who has come to Niji no Mura. He is the veteran among the three of them at the clinic. But he does not have the appearance of a doctor and asserts that his main job is a farmer and sideline is a surgeon. He is carefree and unpretentious. Even though he is on duty, he would freely play shogi with patients while Kureno Masora is busy beside him. He also loves watching dramas. Many parts of the clinic have been converted through his DIY work. He would call attention to this or his hard work in the fields each morning. He is called an aggravating person by Masora as well as Aoyama Taiyo because he often says what he thinks which is somewhat bothersome. As he fools around a lot, the true reason why he came to the village is a mystery. He has a wealth of experience in the medical field and leads Masora and Taiyo in emergency situations. He takes a good look at people, has a kind heart and is a dependable person.

Kitamura Takumi as Aoyama Taiyo
A nurse who has come to Niji no Mura. He is proud to be a nurse and is remarkably outstanding in his work but rather uninteresting because he is too much of an A student. There are times when his jokes fall flat. He is earnest, caring and a busybody. He is generally good at household chores and also cooks well. In fact, he can also draw cute illustrations but he hates being told that he is a guy or that a nurse is a wife’s role. He is not on good terms with Asagi Saku and they tend to quickly end up quarrelling and muttering complaints. In spite of that, they make a good pair. He privately thinks Kureno Masora is quite cute.

Mizuno Miki as Midorikawa Arashi
A career woman who works at the village’s town hall. She is honest, uninhibited and often says what she feels even to elderly people. She goes round in circles a little as she strives to make Niji no Mura more appealing. While she is also the one who advertised for doctors, the homepage that she designed is terribly uncool. One day, her husband ran away and she has had to raise their daughter Hinata as a single mother. She lives with her father-in-law Hideo and Hinata.

Adachi Yumi as Toda Yukino
Nijiiro Shoten’s poster girl and Niji no Mura’s beauty. She is so popular that she won four successive beauty contests in the village. She and her husband Harunobu always appear in couple outfits and flirt too much. But she is actually suffering from dementia and all her memories are reset once a month.

Mashima Hidekazu as Toda Harunobu
Toda Yukino’s husband and the owner of Nijiiro Shoten. Although Nijiiro Shoten is the village’s only eatery, it only serves one dish – katsudon (pork cutlet served on rice). He is always lovestruck because he loves Yukino very much and his hobby is taking photos of her. He proposes to her each time she forgets him.

Mitsuishi Ken as Kirigaya Kei
An employee at the village town hall. He is the person who brought Kureno Masora to Niji no Mura. A talkative man who is quick to laugh, he is the life of the village. He is frequently criticised and beaten by his subordinate Midorikawa Arashi and trembles with fear. He goes to Tokyo to sell the village’s apples and winter melons in order to convey the splendour of Niji no Mura throughout Japan but his efforts have been less than successful. His dream is to have the village invited on his favourite TV programme, Potsunto Shinryoujo.

Nishida Naomi as Kirigaya Hizuki
Kirigaya Kei’s wife. They are famous in the village for being a happily married couple. Because she loves kids, she looks after the children in the village including Midorikawa Arashi’s daughter Hinata on behalf of working parents and grandparents who are not as mobile as they wish. On the other hand, she also has her own thoughts … … She is childhood friends with Toda Yukino and Arashi.

Okada Yoshikazu (Ane-chan no Koibito, Monroe ga Shinda Hi, Soshite Ikiru)

Fukagawa Yoshihiro

Theme Song
Tabiji by Fujii Kaze

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