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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 10 January – 28 February 2021


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Aoyagi Seiichi is a salaryman who has been in the General Affairs Department at Ariake Pharmaceutical ever since he joined the company. One day, he suddenly ends up facing the threat of layoff after Ariake Pharmaceutical goes through a merger. He is told that he will be demoted to a “Layoff Waiting Room”. Aoyagi is given a chance to return to the company by his boss Wakisaka Eiichi. His mission is to make the performance of Swan Lake by Shikishima Ballet, a ballet company which Ariake Pharmaceutical has been sponsoring, a success. This is an unreasonable demand that is near impossible for Aoyagi who is a complete stranger to ballet. As if to hit him with another blow on the same day, Aoyagi’s wife Etsuko leaves home with their daughter without any warning and the house becomes like an empty shell. What exactly went wrong when he had been living honestly? The next day when a disconsolate Aoyagi arrives for work at the “Layoff Waiting Room”, he meets Segawa Yui, a sports trainer who has also been demoted. With his wife’s ballet diary as his only clue, Aoyagi faces the world of ballet which is totally foreign to him.

Inohara Yoshihiko as Aoyagi Seiichi
A salaryman who has been in the general affairs field for a long time. He was the head of Ariake Pharmaceutical’s General Affairs Division but is transferred to Ariake Health’s Career Development Assistance Office when Ariake Pharmaceutical goes through a merger. He is put in charge of Shikishima Ballet, a ballet company that Ariake Pharmaceutical has been sponsoring through the years, and is tasked to make its public performance a success.

Kurashina Kana as Segawa Yui
An exclusive trainer at Ariake Health for a marathon runner who is the company’s poster boy. However, she is transferred to the Career Development Assistance Office due to the athlete’s sudden retirement. She is put in charge of Shikishima Ballet, together with Aoyagi Seiichi.

Konishi Manami as Aoyagi Etsuko
Aoyagi Seiichi’s wife. A full-time housewife who is deeply in love with ballet.

Miyao Shuntaro as Takano Yu
A popular dancer who belongs to a famous ballet company in London. He used to be a member of Shikishima Ballet. He has returned to Japan temporarily to film a commercial.

Nishimura Masahiko as Wakisaka Eiichi
A cunning director of Ariake Health. He proposes that Aoyagi Seiichi secure the famous dancer Takano Yu in order to make Shikishima Ballet’s performance a success.

Kuroki Hitomi as Shikishima Mizuho
Shikishima Ballet’s representative. The ballet company’s performances have been supported by Ariake Pharmaceutical for the last 10 years. She feels a sense of impending crisis that the sponsorship may be discontinued following Ariake Pharmaceutical’s merger.

Original Work
Company by Ibuki Yuki

Umeda Mika (Seigi no Se, 37.5°C no Namida, Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai Series)

Fukagawa Yoshihiro

Theme Song
Tabiji by Fujii Kaze



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