BS Japan Drama Special 2013 ~ Kuroi Houkokusho

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From 9.00 – 10.55 p.m., 6 July 2013

Takaru Onna
Synopsis: Sanada Junichi (Ishiguro Ken) is told by his chief editor that former top editor Kamijo Risa (Sakai Noriko) has been commissioned to write this issue’s ‘Black Report’. Risa is famous in the industry, and particularly well-known for the bestselling entertainment novel that she had got author Kawarabayashi Kenji to write. Risa recently left her publishing company, and the chief editor had at first scouted her to be the editor of the weekly magazine Shukan Shincho. However, Risa’s intention is to be a writer, and so she is asked to write the ‘Black Report’. The subject Risa chooses is the murder of a mother and child. Kurosaki Daisuke (Owada Baku) who built up a Tokyo restaurant chain took a club hostess (Hoshaku Yuka) twice his junior as mistress, and divorced his wife after that. The woman became his common-law wife and bore him a son (Ashizawa Takuto). They lived in an exclusive apartment but his business failed. He killed her and their young child and then committed suicide. Society called it the “ruin of a mercenary marriage”, “tragedy of a wealthy man blinded by a young girl”. Sanada objects. He suggests that she go for a case that happened between a more realistic and commonplace couple, but Risa ignores his advice and proceeds to gather information. Sanada is in a good mood during the interviews but is told by Risa that he is not qualified to be an editor because of the mediocrity of his ideas. He goes to report to the chief editor, and is told the story of Risa’s time as an editor. She enjoyed the deep confidence of Kawarabayashi whom she had made into a bestselling writer, and was always around him like a secretary to the extent that rumours of an affair emerged. Risa abandoned Kawarabayashi, who went into a slump for two years and was not able to write, and there is gossip that a troubled Kawarabayashi had killed himself over this. Sanada feels that the relationship between Kawarabayashi and Risa is somehow similar to the man and woman in this case … …
Cast: Ishiguro Ken, Sakai Noriko, Owada Baku, Hoshaku Yuka, Ashizawa Takuto

Benrina Onna
Synopsis: This time Sanada Junichi (Ishiguro Ken) partners freelance writer Yasuda Masako (Kitagawa Hiromi). Masako is the ghost writer for the idol Higashida Yayoi. Her popular blog and book of essays were done by Masako. Masako is ecstatic to be able to write the ‘Black Report’, and Sanada proposes the case that will be its subject. Tachibana Kasumi (Kunimoto Natsuki), an office lady dumped by a man (Yoshida Yuki) entangled in a love triangle, hired a hitman through the internet and had the murder of Sachiko (Kasuya Nami), the man’s fiancee, made to look like a rail crossing accident. The code name of the hitman who carried out the crime is Killer, and he has also accepted several jobs besides this. Why did the office lady have the fiancee murdered and not the man? How did she choose her hitman? Sanada and Masako proceed to gather information but in the midst of this, Masako is summoned by Yayoi and issued a tall order. Sanada is amazed that Masako obeys even though she is treated like a servant by Yayoi. Time is insufficient because Masako has to write a book and blog for Yayoi so she does not speak up even when they interview together or make an impression. This is the attitude of a commercial writer rather than an author, and Sanada is seized by a growing sense of crisis that Masako may not be able to complete the work.
Cast: Ishiguro Ken, Kitagawa Hiromi, Kunimoto Natsuki, Emoto Tasuku, Yoshida Yuki, Kasuya Nami

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