BS Japan Drama Special 2012 ~ Kuroi Houkokusho

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From 9.00 – 10.55 p.m., 9 June 2012

Kageboushi no Onna
Synopsis: Editor Sanada Junichi (Ishiguro Ken), who is put in charge of his weekly magazine’s ‘Black Report’, asks mobile phone novelist Mochizuki Akane (Murakawa Eri), a university student, to contribute a short story. Sanada bristles with pride to work with Akane, who enjoys tremendous popularity among young people. But when he gets face time with her, he discovers that she is a rude and selfish girl, and he has a hard time with her. Furthermore, Sanada is managed by Mishima Yoshiyuki (Tezuka Toru), the professor in charge of Akane’s course, and is not able to freely write what he likes. Sanada defies Mishima’s opposition. He takes Akane out and starts gathering materials on an incident relating to the fatal stabbing of a former teacher by a 20-year-old man at a park by the seaside. “At her request, I stabbed her,” he had said in his deposition. The details that emerge during the process of the information gathering is a world beyond depiction through a mobile phone novel.
Cast: Ishiguro Ken, Murakawa Eri, Tanaka Rie, Yamada Yuki, Tezuka Toru

Yugato no Onna
Synopsis: Editor Sanada Junichi (Ishiguro Ken) is ordered by the chief editor (Kawamura Takeshi) to request for the queen of mystery, Kobayakawa Mari (Sudo Risa), to contribute to the ‘Black Report’. Mari has been agonising over her ability to write a new novel after a spectacular debut in which two novels were published. Sanada sets his sights on getting her to make her comeback. When he gets face time with Mari, she comes across like a strong-minded queen, but it appears that she is weighed down by a past heartbreak. Sanada and Mari gather information on a case even as antagonism simmers between them. An adulterous civil servant murdered his wife and 4-year-old son so that he could marry his lover. The man lived a comfortable life. Why was he infatuated with his lover like the way a moth is attracted to a light trap, and kill both his wife and son? Sanada and Mari discover the heart of the matter as they pursue the case.
Cast: Ishiguro Ken, Sudo Risa, Tsumura Noriyoshi, Takase Akiko, Shinohara Yukiko, Kawamura Takeshi

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