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It is early days at the newly established Criminal Profiling Support Team (‘CPS’) by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, when the first call for help in a full-fledged murder case comes in. A married couple has been brutally murdered and their only son has gone missing. There has already been two similar cases at different locations recently. At the direction of chief profiler Yuki Akira, Katsuki Shoko, a new profiler with the CPS and Terada Takehiko from the same unit, go to the scene of the crime to perform an analysis. Shoko and Terada link up with the First Investigative Division’s Tsuge Masaki, who has just finished his investigation of the scene, and start to tell Akira and the rest back at the headquarters about the crime scene through a wireless live camera feed. Shoko focuses her attention on images of the criminal’s actions while analysing the scene. The investigation task force views the murders as multiple crimes committed by a group of foreigners, but Shoko remembers the sense of discomfort she had felt at the scene and states that this murder and the previous two cases were the work of a lone criminal. At the CPS, everyone is engrossed in criminal information analysis, but the analysis does not quite get anywhere. Then, just as Akira had feared, the investigation task force receives a letter from the criminal … … In it, the criminal claims responsibility for the three murders with the words, “If you want to stop the cases, find me quickly”, and suggests that the murders will continue if they do not publish the letter in the newspapers and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s homepage. At a meeting of the First Investigative Division led by Todo Yuichiro, Okabayashi, and Tsuge, debate about the letter. The members of the CPS, who have sat in for the meeting, are asked for the profiling. Akira announces it, but Shoko, who perceives the murderer’s feelings from the words in the letter and is unable to contain herself, bursts out with her opinion. She is rebuked by Akira for her audacity. The next day, the investigation task force publishes the letter in the newspapers according to Shoko’s opinion, but the brutal murder of another married couple occurs … …

Kitagawa Keiko as Katsuki Shoko
A new profiler with the CPS’ crime scene profiling team. She has a hands-on approach and is a person of action. Attuned with the minds of criminals, she is able to uncover criminal profiles and motives. She learned criminal profiling at the FBI academy and performs profiling with the FBI’s method instead of the Liverpool method prevalent in Japan. A characteristic of the FBI method is its focus on reading the fantasies of the criminal at the time the crime was committed, which sometimes results in her getting too attuned to a criminal’s mind … … A murder case fanatic, she has knowledge of every single serial killer. She is a “profiling enthusiast” who will even profile things unrelated to cases. She lives with her younger sister, Maiko, a first year university student. Their mother is in Osaka and their father, a psychologist, died in a fire.

Kimura Tae as Yuki Akira
Chief profiler of the CPS’ data analysis team. Crimes are analysed at the headquarters based on information sent from the crime scene profiling team. She issues multivariate analysis instructions from an analysis of crime statistics and a search of similar incidents. A strict but kind leader who listens to opinions without any distinction of rank and cherishes the team. She believes the creation of a profiling team in Japan is a necessity. To this woman who has wanted to have a righteous job since young, the establishment of the CPS is surely a dream come true.

Hiraoka Yuta as Niibori Keisuke
A profiler with the CPS’ data analysis team. A genius who has two doctorates. He has a way of digitalising crime, and deducing the profile of a criminal through an analysis of crime statistics and patterns. Topographical profiling is also his specialty, leading him to the area where the crime is projected to have taken place and the vicinity where the criminal resides. He will immediately voice what he thinks without regard for hierarchy, and also cannot read situations … However, he is methodical and has a habit of arranging and analysing things around him. Because he is proud and hates to lose, he clashes with Katsuki Shoko on her profiling methods and opinions. As they are also of the same generation, he in particular shares a rivalry with Shoko.

Sudo Risa as Okui Marie
An information analyst with the CPS’ information analysis team. An IT elite hired by the Info-Communications Bureau’s Information Technology Analysis Division at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. A reliable presence, she is able to extract information needed for profiling and relevant information on a suspect’s attributes from every database. Her role is also to prepare documents on cases calling for the CPS’ cooperation and which the CPS uses for announcements. Because she is temperamental, she cannot work with people who get on her bad side. She has a sharp tongue and loves gossip but her personal life is unexpectedly shrouded in mystery … She trusts Yuki Akira and also understands her well.

Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Todo Yuichiro
The young director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division which leads investigation task forces in difficult cases. He does not believe in profiling and opposes the CPS. Tsuge Masaki is Todo’s senior, but it is a twisted relationship in which his position is higher than Tsuge’s.

Kaname Jun as Terada Takehiko
A profiler with the CPS’ crime scene profiling team. He interprets the method of murder, m.o. and bloodlust from the dead body at the scene, with his knowledge of forensic medicine. Dead bodies are the best evidence, and his style is to see a dead body first. A master at analysing facial expressions, he can read people’s feelings from the merest change in expression. Although he stands out with his frivolous behaviour and likes women, he is actually married. The father of a child, there is a part of him devoted to his family. He has great confidence in himself, and his ambition is to change Japan’s forensic science. So he believes what is most important is to leave behind actual personal achievements. As a result of this, there are times when he opposes and resists the team-oriented Yuki Akira.

Yusuke Santamaria as Tsuge Masaki
The head of the First Investigative Division’s Fifth Violent Crimes Investigation Unit. His original job used to involve special investigations and inquiries into important cold cases, but he has now been ordered to cooperate with the CPS which has no investigative authority. He does not deny the existence of profiling and the CPS even though he does not acknowledge this easily. He is a fair man who will give his full support if he can get a criminal arrested. There is a reason why he has been sidelined despite being a career elite. He is a man with a hidden past.

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