Guilty, Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna


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Tuesdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 12 October 2010

Fuji TV

A man throws himself off an office building in Meguro, Tokyo. Nogami Meiko, who is with a dog, walks away from the scene without being noticed. One month later, Miwa Shuhei, the director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division goes missing. As Mashima Takuro, a detective with the First Investigative Division, starts to search for traces of his missing senior, he encounters Meiko, who is distressed that she cannot rescue a dog which has fallen into a ditch. Meiko works as a groomer at a pet salon and a client had entrusted the dog to her. Mashima scolds a flustered Meiko and saves the dog. Before long, Mashima, who searches Miwa’s residence, discovers his appointment book and a newspaper clipping of an article which reported a suicide that took place a month earlier. While pursuing Miwa’s connection with the case, Mashima meets Meiko again. This time at the pet salon, where she is in charge of Miwa’s pet dog. She tells him that she wishes to look after the dog, which has nowhere to go in the absence of its owner. However, there is another side to her. She persistently calls Suganuma Shunya, a bank employee, and repeatedly threatens him. She puts on a completely innocent face and gets close to Suganuma’s wife, Chika, and drives him into a corner. One day, Suganuma’s mobile phone rings while he is at a train platform. The caller is Meiko. Suganuma, who realises that Meiko is coming up behind Chika, who is on the opposite platform, implores her not to touch his wife. But Meiko smiles mockingly … …

Kanno Miho as Nogami Meiko
A groomer at a pet salon in Shirokane. She provides cheerful, courteous service, and has built a reputation for her skills. Many celebrity dog-lovers are her customers. The salon’s owner, Kotomi, has deep trust in her. She is also well-liked by fellow colleagues, and leads a quiet and fulfilling life. However, there is another side to her. She has a plan for revenge that she must carry out. In truth, she received a jail sentence for the murder of her older sister’s husband and son when she was 19, and spent 13 years in prison. At that time, it was even featured by the mass media, and reported that her older sister’s affair was the reason. However, there was also another side to this case. Approximately one year after Meiko completed her jail term, a series of suspicious incidents start occurring to the people around her. All the men who get close to her go down the path of destruction. Just as she is on the verge of executing her plan, she meets a man called Mashima Takuro. She acts strangely in front of him. For some reason, he makes her feel better. Is he the only miscalculation to her? Or a reckoning …?

Tamaki Hiroshi as Mashima Takuro
A career detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. Capable, resourceful, and steady in his work, he aspired to be a candidate for a top post. However, one year ago, he caused the death of a junior during an investigation because of his own mistake. He has lost his place in the force and confidence since then and does nothing each day. He gets tired of all personal relationships and also splits up with his girlfriend, Enomoto Mari. For a while, he even succumbs to drinking. The disappearance of his senior, Miwa Shuhei, the only person who empathised with him, makes him notice the association between several cases that have occurred, and he works his way to Nogami Meiko while pursuing the truth. He approaches Meiko as a detective in order to find out her connection with the cases, but as a man, unknowingly finds himself fascinated by her. As he struggles with the fear that he is also headed for ruin, he draws close to Meiko’s other side. And ironically gets over his despair in the face of these tragic cases. However, when he finally learns of her true motive, a big decision lies in wait for him …

Kichise Michiko as Enomoto Mari
A detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division. Mashima Takuro’s former girlfriend. She has a strong sense of justice and is always able to make level-headed judgments. About half a year ago, she decided to keep a distance and separate from him by distancing herself in the hope of getting an abject Mashima back on his feet again. But deep down, she could not forget him. Bothered about the presence of Nogami Meiko, who had suddenly appeared, she draws close to Mashima again. In the midst of this, it is decided that she will be assigned to the same investigative team as Mashima. She has misgivings about Meiko’s other side, and soon risks her own life to save Mashima from crisis in an attempt to protect him. However, when she learns the truth of Meiko’s past, this engenders genuine empathy for her as a female …

Mikami Kensei as Tsurumi Masato
A bartender who runs the bar that Mashima Takuro frequents. He is actually a good friend of the junior detective whom Mashima drove to his death, and the only person whom Mashima opens his heart to now. He is introduced to Nogami Meiko by Mashima and supports the two of them. He earnestly wishes for Mashima to get back on his feet again.

Yoshida Kotaro as Ukita Hajime
The director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. It is rumoured that he will be promoted to be the Superintendent General soon. He is arrogant and autocratic. His rival, Miwa Shuhei, fell from grace half a year ago because of a scandal. There was a constant stream of rumours within the police force that he had orchestrated it behind the scenes. He treats Mashima Takuro, who had been close to Miwa, like an enemy but lets him run lose. He had been in charge of investigation Nogami Meiko’s case 13 years ago. In the current case, he assembles a team to help Mashima who is acting on his own, and behaves oddly.

Karasawa Toshiaki as Dojima Kiichi
A third-rate journalist who engages in ‘black journalism’ (journalism which borders on illegal, living off the underside of political circles and the like). He snoops around for gossip which he cashes in, and is naturally disliked by the police and many others. His thoroughly unapologetic manner disgusts them. The truth is, he had been the person responsible for an article which had played a leading role in Nogami Meiko’s case 13 years ago and mercilessly fanned the flames. The lives of Meiko and her family were wrecked as a result of that. He made a name for himself within the industry for a while, but later fell into a slump because of his indulgence in alcohol. Getting wind of Meiko’s presence in the case that Mashima Takuro is pursuing right now, he goes and pokes his nose in the matter. He aims for a scoop to turn the tables around but his true intentions cannot be grasped.

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2 Responses to Guilty, Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna

  1. keiko1981 says:

    Sounds interesting. Could it be the drama of the season?

  2. aurawaew says:

    I finished watching this drama last night.
    Eventhought the story reveals the real merderer since the begining, it still has many many interesting details, especially the truth behind the last 15 years murder case.

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