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The Tokyo Metropolitan Police has set up an Unidentified Crimes Unit a.k.a Mishou within the Public Security Division to strengthen its investigations of cold cases. This is in addition to the First Investigative Division’s Unsolved Crimes Unit a.k.a Keizoku. It primarily handles unusual cases which are more than what the First Investigative Division can manage, such as what are considered to be professional crimes with practically no evidence or eyewitness statements as well as incomprehensible cases related to the country, politics and religious groups. Nonomura Kotaro is the head of Mishou. He is a crafty man and slippery as an eel. However, he is entrusted with the job. He has two subordinates who were transferred to Mishou for causing trouble. They are problematic but not mediocre. One of them is Toma Saya. She is exceptionally smart and qualified for Kyoto University’s faculty of science even though she did not attend regular school and cram school. Furthermore, she is an anomaly who snuck into the FBI while she was a student at Kyoto University to do research on the X-Files. Because Saya is very smart, she treats superiors disparagingly. People think she is a geek but she is unexpectedly feisty. The other is Sebumi Takeru, the star performer of the Metropolitan Police who was singled out to be the platoon leader of the Special Operations Unit at the young age of 27. He has the best firearms technique at the Metropolitan Police and is even an assistant instructor in karate. However, he was transferred to Mishou as a result of some incident. Toma and Sebumi begin their investigations by postulating what sort of ‘SPEC’ the criminals are if they are not normal people. By deducing the special abilities of the criminals (UNKNOWN SPEC), they track down offenders who got away easily. Toma and Sebumi use the ‘SPEC’ against criminals and set traps which unravel to suffocate them while quarreling and working closely with each other …

Toda Erika as Toma Saya
An investigator with Mishou. She has an IQ of 201 and a formidable memory but has trouble remembering things she has no interest in because of her indifference. And, she is exceedingly bad at reading the atmosphere in social situations. Her left arm is hung in a sling. In fact, she was caught in an explosion and lost her left hand when she tried to arrest Ninomae Juuichi. She worries about and trusts Sebumi Takeru who has saved her life many times. Her memory that Ninomae is her younger brother by looking at the “birthmark” has been erased by Chii Satoshi. After that, her memories are rewritten repeatedly but she recalls everything. She decides to live on with the guilt of killing her brother, and suceeds in taking Chii’s life. At this moment, a certain ability grows …?

Kase Ryo as Sebumi Takeru
An investigator with Mishou. He is stubborn and methodical. He had been the leader of the Special Investigation Team but was reassigned from the First Investigative Division to Mishou in the wake of an incident involving his subordinate Shimura Yusaku. Because he is a detective who worked his way up from the front line, he has a toned body and sharp eyes. The death of his senior Satonaka was a shock to him. He initially does not have faith in Toma Saya, but over time she gains his trust and he feels glad to have met her. He leaves a letter of resignation because of Shimura and goes missing. Together with Ninomae Juuichi, he abducts Tsuda Sukehiro and manages to cure Shimura’s injury, but right after that, Shimura is killed by someone and this stuns him. In order to avenge the adversaries of Toma and Shimura, he even joins the Public Security Division’s Section Zero on condition that the positions of his colleagues in Mishou are safeguarded. Section Zero (Aggressor) is wiped out following Tsuda’s death. He also pits himself against Ninomae. As a result of Toma’s strategy, his body is exposed to a great amount of poison and becomes unconscious for a time. After that, he recovers although he is almost unable to see with his eyes. He succeeds in taking Chii Satoshi’s life with Toma.

Fukuda Saki as Shimura Mirei
The younger sister of Sebumi Takeru’s subordinate, Shimura Yusaku. She hates Sebumi for shooting her brother. She gets curious visions when she touches people and objects. She wants to apologise to her brother who slipped into a coma before she could make up with him after their quarrel. She is told by his doctor Unno Ryota that he has no hope of recovery and compelled to let him “die with dignity”. Hearing from Unno that there is a person who possesses SPEC which can cure maladies, she goes to Mishou seeking clues. When she touched Toma Saya, she saw the vision of a youth feeding a cat with pan-fried dumplings. And when she touched the food that Sebumi sent to her brother, she learnt about Sebumi’s feelings and the truth of the incident. Her joy that her brother’s injury has been cured is fleeting for he is murdered by someone. She also discovers that Ninomae Juuichi and Toma Yota is the same person after touching the poisoned Sebumi. Her memory is erased by Chii Satoshi. However, she is able to see various visions again with her right hand and regains her memory. She fights Chii with Sebumi. Because of her ability to see visions, she is treated as a stalker and drops out of university. However, she capitalises on her experience as a former arts student and forges car plates at Toma’s request.

Shirota Yu as Chii Satoshi
Toma Saya’s classmate and ex-boyfriend from university days? His outward appearance is dull. He belongs to the Bioinformatics Chemistry Office at Tokyo University’s Department of Science. He is aiming for a Noble Prize for his theory on loop quantum gravity. He had proposed in the past and wants to start over again with Toma. The reason for their breakup is not known. He worries about Toma who works as a detective. His true identity is that of culprit who erased Toma Yota’s memories, made him live as Ninomae Juuichi and induced him to resent Toma. Besides Yota, he also manipulates the memories of many people. After that, he announces that he is Tsuda Sukehiro. He is able to erase and change memories by touching heads. He desires to make the world function according to his own plan. He likes Toma’s brain and stalks her. After that, the reality of the situation is exposed by Toma and Sebumi Takeru. He is shot as a result of someone’s ability and dies.

Tanaka Tetsushi as Reisen Toshiaki
A very popular fortune teller who is famous for his 100% accuracy. He possesses SPEC which enables him to see the future. He is arrested for the Gokitani case but strikes a deal with Tsuda Sukehiro of the Public Security Division and is incarcerated for abduction. His present location is not known. He is killed by Section Zero (Aggressor), the unit combating special abilities which Tsuda belongs to.

Kamiki Ryunosuke as Ninomae Juuichi
A young man who possesses mysterious SPEC. When he appears, time feels like it has stopped. According to the list of SPEC holders, he possesses the ability to stop time. Even when he is almost arrested by Toma Saya, he flashes a fearless smile. He has a star-shaped birthmark behind his right ear. He does not have the power to stop time. It is because of the difference in the flow of time between his world and the world of Toma and the others that it feels like time had stopped. He is actually Toma’s younger brother, Yota. At the time of the plane accident seven years ago, his time-stopping SPEC developed. His memories are rewritten by Chii Satoshi. He has forgotten that he is Toma’s younger brother and lives as Juuichi. After that, even when he is on the verge of life and death, his consciousness does not return and he dies by poisoning.

Shiina Kippei as Tsuda Sukehiro
The Public Security Division’s Director of Special Investigations, Section Zero (Aggressor) which is a secret unit to counter special abilities. People in possession of special abilities vanish one after another in what seem to be attempts to cover up various “truths”. He even confines Reisen and says he is protecting Reisen from who are trying to make use of his ability. He uses Mishou as bait and is investigating something. However, only a portion of the people in the Public Security Division knows of his existence. While transporting Reisen, he is shot by Satori’s associates and dumped on the road. Because he wore a bulletproof vest, he did not sustain a fatal wound. However, he is kidnapped by Sebumi Takeru and Ninomae Juuichi, and his whereabouts is not known. But there are multiple Tsudas. Even with the attempted abduction, the strategy fails and all Tsudas are killed by Ninomae. After that, Chii Satoshi tells them there is a Tsuda Sukehiro but his true meaning is unknown. After Chii’s death, the existence of a new Tsuda is discovered.

Yasuda Ken as Unno Ryota
A surgeon with the police hospital and Shimura Yusaku’s attending physician. He is a top heart surgeon in the field of pediatrics. Shimura Mirei who can see visions gets his attention. In search of a person with SPEC which can cure sickness and wanting Sebumi Takeru to let him see documents, he proposes a deal. He possesses SPEC which enables him to He is the mad scientist who develops prescriptions for intractable illnesses and keeps doing experimental surgeries. After the successful operation on Rinka, he is abducted by someone. He is killed by Tsuda’s Section Zero (Aggressor).

Ryu Raita as Nonomura Kotaro
The former chief of the First Investigation Division’s Section Two who was demoted to head of Mishou. His motto is ‘Safety First’ and he does not relish getting into trouble but there are times when he can be depended on. He is dating Masaki Miyabi who presses him to marry her with all sorts of methods. Although her words fluster him, he does not move towards a divorce. In order not to get Miyabi involved, he tells her farewell in a roundabout fashion. After that, he is inflicted a serious injury by Ninomae Juuichi and hospitalised, but is discharged without any complicatiins. Miyabi declares to him that instead of marrying Inomata Soji, she will become a lawyer and recover him from his wife.

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