Fuji TV Drama Specials 2009 (Fourth Quarter)

Dareka ga Uso o Tsuiteru
Date: From 9.00 p.m., 6 October 2009
Cast: Mizutani Yutaka, Miyazaki Yoshiko, Tegoshi Yuya, Tanimura Mitsuki, Hirata Mitsuru, Yamamoto Mirai, Asano Naritaka
Synopsis: One day, salaryman Sato Toshiaki (Mizutani Yutaka) alights from the train at a station and is stopped by a female high school student who accuses him of groping her. Although he faces charges of molest, he continues to maintain his innocence but is taken into custody for several months and found guilty. Miwa (Miyazaki Yoshiko) believes in her husband, who was suspected of molest and couldn’t come back home, and bravely tries to protect the family despite her against illness. Takahiro (Tegoshi Yuya), the older of his two children, is a student in the process of job hunting. He knows of the inner workings of the company towards his father and has misgivings about working. His daughter, Yuka (Tanimura Mitsuki) is at the period of adolescence. She is confused by the accusation of the high school student who is the same age as herself, and resentful of her father. The victim had been regularly groped on many occasions and had decided to take action only on that day alone …
Website: www.fujitv.co.jp/dareuso

Team Batista no Eikou SP ~ Nightingale no Chinmoku
Date: From 9.00 p.m., 9 October 2009
Cast: Nakamura Toru, Ito Atsushi, Hayashi Ryuzo, Natori Yuko, Yamada Yu, Nakajima Kento, Takada Sho, Hakamada Yoshihiko, Ozawa Maju, Hayashi Ryuzo, Natori Yuko, Endo Kenichi
Synopsis: It is nine months after the “Batista case”. Okabe Takumi, a youth who had undergone a successful surgery at Tojo University Hospital to remove a brain tumour, nevertheless suffers an unexplained brain stem haemorrhage a few hours later and slips into a vegetative state. The operating surgeon, Saionji Masaya, is a talented brain surgeon who has successfully performed numerous difficult surgeries. Taguchi Kohei (Ito Atsushi) is ordered by the hospital’s director to continue with the internal inquiry that had begun with the “Batista case”. Naturally, with the Health Ministry’s Shiratori Keisuke (Nakamura Toru) … Saionji and his assistant, Miura Mamoru, both assert that the surgery was a success but there are glimpses of the complicated relationship between the two of them. Meanwhile, Taguchi and Shiratori visit the children’s ward where Takumi had been hospitalised. When they try to ask Makimura Mizuhito and the other children, who occupied the same hospital room, Hamada Sayo (Yamada Yu), the nurse in charge, fiercely protests. Taguchi is at the mercy of Shiratori who causes trouble by snooping around the hospital and making statements that provoke the parties involved. In the midst of this, an unexpected incident occurs. The body of Mizuhito’s murdered father is found! Why is Takumi in a vegetative state? Who killed Mizuhito’s father? Before long, Taguchi and Shiratori realise that these two incidents are linked …
Website: ktv.jp/sp/nightingale

Shin Oiishinbo Part 3 ~ Yuzan Kaibara vs. Kyukyoku Shichinin no Samurai!
Date: From 9.00 p.m., 14 November 2009
Cast: Matsuoka Masahiro, Matsudaira Ken, Yuka
Synopsis: Yamaoka Shiro (Matsuoka Masahiro), who is in charge of Tozai Shimbun’s “ultimate menu”, is accused by the head of Personnel Affairs Bureau of excessively using the company’s expenses in the creation of the “ultimate menu” and transferred to the General Affairs Department. In addition, he is fired by the General Affairs Department in one day, and assigned to the staff canteen. Yamaoka cooks delicious lunches for the company employees but …
Website: –

Date: From 6.30 p.m., 15 November 2009
Cast: Mizuki Arisa, Tsutsui Michitaka, Kataoka Tsurutaro, Takeshita Keiko, Tanaka Yuji, Shiraishi Miho
Website: www.fujitv.co.jp/sazae

Happy Birthday
Date: From 9.00 p.m., 21 November 2009
Cast: Kimura Yoshino, Ohashi Nozomi, Kaga Mariko, Ito Shiro
Synopsis: Fujiwara Shizuyo (Kimura Yoshino) is the mother of a 9-year-old daughter, Asuka (Ohashi Nozomi). Shizuyo cannot let go of her past where she had hungered for the love of her parents, and is anguished by her inability to love her child. Asuka, who has not had the love of her mother since young, is emotionally scarred and inwardly cries out for help. On Asuka’s tenth birthday, Shizuyo comes home late from work. Forgetting the occasion, Shizuyo says in Asuka’s presence that she wishes she had not given birth to her. A shocked Asuka loses her voice from that day on and Shizuyo is forced to face her inner struggles …
Website: www.fujitv.co.jp/wasuremono/happybirthday.html

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