Sono Otoko, Fuku-Shochou Season 3


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Thursdays, 8.00 – 8.54 p.m. from 15 October 2009

TV Asahi

An attempted assault takes place within the jurisdiction of the Kyoto Kawaramachi precinct where Ikenaga Kiyomi works as the assistant police chief. The fingerprints of the suspect matches the fingerprints found at the scene of the murder of a female high school student 20 years ago. However, the case has already been settled and Sugihara Yoichi, who confessed to the crime, is serving life imprisonment. At that moment, Chief Hiruma of the Kyoto Prefectural Police is shot dead by someone on the rooftop of the precinct. Ikenaga deduces that his death is connected to the case 20 years earlier but …

Funakoshi Eichiro as Ikenaga Kiyomi
Assistant police chief of Kyoto Kawaramachi precinct. He struggles to approve 1,200 documents daily. Maybe it is because he used to be in the Criminal Affairs Division that he has the endurance when cases occur to stealthily conduct his own independent investigation. He puts the disclosure of criminals’ motives first. He does not carry handcuffs and his policy is to persuade criminals to surrender themselves.

Tanaka Misato as Ikenaga Yoshiko
Ikenaga’s younger sister who is with the Traffic Division of Kyoto Kawaramachi precinct. She has a simple and spirited personality. Quick tempered and obstinate. Although she is amazed by her brother who pokes his nose into cases, she works alongside him.

Ukaji Takashi as Hiramatsu Junpei
A veteran detective with the Criminal Affairs Division of Kyoto Kawaramachi precinct. He frequently provides investigation to Ikenaga with whom he gets along but has recently been scrutinised by the police chief. He is a devoted husband and has four children.

Suzuki Kazuma as Miyashita Gaku
A rookie detective with Kyoto Kawaramachi precinct who is partnered with Hiramatsu Junpei. He is transferred from a police post to the Criminal Affairs Division at the recommendation of the police chief but he less than enthusiastic about this. He envies the assistant police chief for his sedentary work.

Ishimaru Kenjiro as Nozawa Kensaku
Head of the Criminal Affairs Division of Kyoto Kawaramachi precinct. The swift arrests of criminals is his duty and because he hates interference in the matters of the Criminal Affairs Division, he often gets into confrontations with Ikenaga.

Matoba Koji as Shima Hideaki
A magazine writer working for the Kansai branch office of Shukan Times. He has had close connections with Ikenaga since his days as a detective and is the greatest rival to the assistant police chief who acts as the spokesperson for the precinct. He hates the police and does not miss even the slightest dishonesty. However, he is a man with endless dark rumours.

Honda Hirotaro as Kondo Tokio
Head of the Military Police Division of Kyoto Kawaramachi precinct. Ikenaga’s former superior but now their positions have been reversed and seems to behave like Ikenaga’s watchdog but he trained Ikenaga in the fundamentals of being a detective and turns a blind eye when Ikenaga turns up at investigations.

Manda Hisako as Fujiwara Akira
Police chief of Kyoto Kawaramachi precinct. Because she places more emphasis on improving arrest rates than upholding security, she, like Nozawa Kensaku, the head of the Criminal Affairs Division, differs with Ikenaga. She has some inkling of Ikenaga’s “investigations” but cannot find conclusive evidence.


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