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Fridays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 16 October 2009


Akiyama Satomi works as a Japanese history teacher at the distinguished private girls school, Seika Girls School, in Tokyo. Her job is rewarding and even though she is still single at 33, she is not ill at ease with anyone and enjoys single life. However, one day, Kosaka Shinichi, a temporary staff member 10 years Satomi’s junior, is assigned to replace a female teacher who has quit after getting married. Satomi is put in charge as Shinichi’s instructor but she keeps getting irritated with Shinichi, who is unreliable in some respects, because she does not know if he is motivated. On the other hand, Shinichi, who had been a freeter (freelance part-time worker), is bewildered by his sudden placement as a girls school teacher by his university. However, the relationship between the two of them soon changes …!?

Mizuki Arisa as Akiyama Satomi
A Japanese history teacher at Seika Girls School, a distinguished private high school. 33 years old and single. She works hard in her job and enjoys single life but …

Koike Teppei as Kosaka Shinichi
A mild, passive young man of today’s generation. He had been a freeter (freelance part-time worker) but through a placement by the university which is his alma mater, he becomes a substitute teacher at Seika Girls School. He is guided by Satomi, who is his instructor, in almost everything but …

Matsushita Nao as Sawai Kimika
Satomi’s colleague. Her father is the president of Seika Girls School’s committee. She uses his connections to get employment and works with the intention of making this a temporary job until she gets married.

Maya Miki as Tajima Yoshie
The principal of Seika Girls School. She feels that the school, which has a long tradition, needs a breath of fresh air but …

Photos from press conference: http://mainichi.jp/enta/geinou/graph/200910/13_2/

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