NHK BS Premium Drama Special 2022 ~ Nijuushi no Hitomi

24 no Hitomi

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 8 August 2022
Original Work: Nijuushi no Hitomi by Tsuboi Sakae
Scriptwriter: Yoshida Yasuhiro (Konoudori Season 2, In Hand, Plage)
Director: Yoshida Yasuhiro
Cast: Tsuchimura Kaho, Nakajima Ayumu, Aso Yumi, Kunimura Jun, Uno Shohei, Hamada Mari, Kondo Koen, Akama Mariko, Mizusawa Shingo, Imai Yuki, Kawashima Ririka, Kato Konatsu, Nimura Sawa, Morita Kokoro, Takase Ai, Kusano Taisei, Shiratori Tamaki, Banka Tenta, Asada Halo, Shimizu Kokone
Synopsis: It is 1928 on Shodoshima in the Seto Inland Sea. Oishi Hisako (Tsuchimura Kaho), who has just graduated from a girls school, arrives as a new teacher to the branch school located at the island’s cape. All 12 first-year elementary students with sparking eyes quickly become attached to the cheerful and bright Hisako. While the conservative villagers shun her for jauntily riding a bicycle to school in Western-style clothes, the children are always on her side and provide emotional support. One day, Hisako sustains a bone fracture from falling into a pit and is reassigned to the main school because she is no longer able to commute to the distant branch school. Wanting to see Hisako, the children walk a distance of 8 km and they take a commemorative photo together. Several years later, the children and Hisako are reunited when they start going to the main school. However, in an era where loyalty and patriotism are valued, Hisako is treated coldly for speaking freely, and she resigns as a teacher after her students graduate. Even after that, she continues to watch over them but each of the 12 follow their own destinies – sent to be a live-in apprentice, stricken by illness and does not return from war … … Although Hisako is tormented by a sense of helplessness in not being able to do anything about the situation, she herself is at the mercy of the times.
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