TV Tokyo Drama Special 2021 ~ Enzaihan

Date: From 8.00 p.m., 30 August 2021
Original Work: Enzaihan by Shoda Kan
Scriptwriter: Terada Toshio (Hissatsu Shigotonin Series, Mayonaka no Panya-san, The Negotiator Series)
Director: Kinoshita Takao
Cast: Koizumi Kotaro, Takimoto Miori, Maeno Tomoya, Maeda Aki, Miura Masaki, Tanaka Shunsuke, Nishio Mari, Hashimoto Jun, Takahashi Katsumi
Synopsis: A dead high school girl draped with a blue sheet is discovered in a field lying fallow in Funabashi City in Chiba Prefecture. Heading over to the scene, Koyama Ryosuke (Koizumi Kotaro) from Funabashi Police Precinct notices that the circumstances including the high school girl and blue sheet are strikingly similar to the Tamiya case in the past. Seven years ago, there was a killing spree in the same area. High school girls were murdered after they were assaulted. It was called the Tamiya case because the criminal’s name was Tamiya Ryuji (Tanaka Shunsuke) but Tamiya insisted that he was innocent and later committed suicide in prison. If he was indeed wrongly convicted and someone else had committed the crimes, Koyama intends to reinvestigate the cases and hints at his misgivings to his subordinate Masuoka Misa (Takimoto Miori). However, no one in the investigation task force mentions the Tamiya case. This is because Irie Masayoshi (Hashimoto Jun) from the prefectural police headquarters who solved the case at that time, is in charge of the present case … …



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