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Rika Reverse

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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 20 March – 3 April 2021


Fuji TV

Hanamura Sachiko arrives at the Amamiyas’ stylish Western-style house in Tokyo’s exclusive residential district of Hiroo to work as a housekeeper. She is greeted by Amamiya Reimi, the beautiful lady of the house. Reimi lives with her handsome and fashionable husband Takeshi, who was a doctor in private practice. They have two lovely and smart teenage twin daughters Rika and Yuka. The twins are like the sun and moon with completely different personalities. The older sister Rika is strong-willed like a queen and good at taking advantage of even adults while Yuka is quiet and introverted and always follows her sister’s words. The Amamiyas seem like the perfect family and Reimi is the envy of people around her. Sachiko is thrilled to work for such a wealthy household. But in reality, it is a sham full of lies, jealousy, love and hate which Sachiko, the family’s home tutor Munakata Shinobu and English teacher Koyanagi Chihiro also get entangled in. Before long, this sham comes apart and the family starts to break up. Reimi is broken-hearted and her quest for absolute love gives rise to madness and murderous intent. The family’s beauty masks terrifying emotions – emotions that lead to a nightmarish tragedy. Rika and Yuka are affected by their mother’s sorrow which spreads to them. Numerous incidents begin to occur around these three females. Who is the culprit?

Takaoka Saki as Amamiya Reimi
The beautiful and mad woman who created the monster Amamiya Rika. She is beautiful like a model and envied as the perfect wife and mother by neighbours. However, she increasingly worries about her husband who comes back late and their daughters who are half-hearted in studying for the exams. She does her best to restrain her sadness and tries to look happy to the housekeeper Hanamura Sachiko.

Asaka Kodai as Munakata Shinobu
The handsome home tutor whom the older Amamiya twin Rika adores and loves. A third year university student, he came to Tokyo to attend medical school and has good academic results. He and Koyanagi Chihiro, who teaches conversational English to the twins, are dating but he keeps their relationship a secret. He learns that Amamiya Reimi also has special feelings.

Yamaguchi Mayu as Amamiya Yuka
Amamiya Reimi’s young twin daughter. Unlike her older sister, she is reserved and has the grace and beauty of a Japanese doll. She adores her sister whom she believes can do anything. Although she likes their home tutor, she does not think Rika will allow it and does show her feelings.

Tanabe Momoko as Amamiya Rika
Amamiya Reimi’s older twin daughter who is intelligent, pretty like a French doll and strong-willed. She treats the housekeeper Hanamura Sachiko like a servant but knows how to win her father’s favour. She is aware that her younger sister admires her. She is in love with Munakata Shinobu but notices that he seems to a girlfriend.

Odai Ryohei as Amamiya Takeshi
Amamiya Reimi’s husband. A surgeon who runs the Azabu clinic in Tokyo which he took over from Reimi’s grandfather. Although he is wealthy and popular, he hides bitter anguish. He looks like a man beyond reproach but he is actually quite a womaniser and indulges in affairs. Of his two daughters, he dotes on Rika and is blatantly shows that he is partial to her even in front of Yuka.

Original Work
Rika by Igarashi Takahisa

Honda Takaaki (Rental Nanmo Shinai Hito, Silent Voice Series)

Matsuki Tsukuru

Theme Song
99 by FAKY

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