Meikenchiku de Chuushoku o


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From 12.00 a.m., Sundays, 16 August 2020

BS TV Tokyo

55-year-old Uekusa Chiaki creates architectural models. He has gained a following on social media for his interest in nostalgic and cute architecture. 26-year-old Haruno Fuji works for an advertising agency and winds up having to hold onto her ex-boyfriend’s fermented rice bran used for pickling vegetables and this stirs mixed feelings every day. Her dream is to open a cafe with her friend Yamaguchi Ayako and she has been following Uekusa’s account for ideas. One day, she contacts him through social media. While exchanging messages, Fuji and Uekusa decide to have lunch together at an architectural masterpiece. The first place they visit is the Institut français du Japon. Established as a French language school in 1952, it was designed by Sakakura Junzo who studied under Le Corbusier and was a pioneer in modern Japanese architecture. Fuji takes an interest in Uekusa’s unique values and the two of them gradually connect with each other as they tour other buildings such as Jiyugakuen Myonichikan, Ginza Lion Ginza 7-chome Beer Hall and Buaiso. She has a lot to worry about in work and in love. But she is moved and emboldened by Uekusa’s offhand comments coming from his peculiar set of values and unique perspective, to move forward.

Ikeda Eliza as Haruno Fuji
A copywriter at an advertising agency. She creates flyers for supermarkets. Her dream is to open a cafe. She has many worries about work and romance.

Taguchi Tomorow as Uekusa Chiaki
He creates architectural models and his father is a well-known architect. His interest is visiting nostalgic and cute architecture. He uploads photos of these buildings on social media. He is a very particular hobbyist.

Ogawa Sara as Yamaguchi Ayako
Haruno Fuji’s friend since university days. She dreams of running a cafe with Fuji and is currently training at a cafe chain.

Original Work
Aruite, Taberu Tokyo no Oishii Meikenchiku Sanpo by Kai Minori

Yokomaku Tomohiro (Radiation House, Oh My Jump!, Otoko no Misao)

Yoshimi Takuma

Ending Theme
Mijukuna Yasou by Urakami Souki

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