Hatarakazaru Monotachi

Hatarakazaru Monotachi

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From 12.58 a.m., Thursdays, 27 August 2020

TV Tokyo

Hashida Hajime has been working at Maisan Shimbun, a newspaper with a long history, for seven years. An employee at the IT systems department, he is middling in his full-time job but works diligently on his side job of writing manga. Yaginuma Yutaka from the process department messes with him every day. He walks around the company all day long, shooting his mouth off at contemporaries from other departments. Although Yaginuma is not tied to his work and brags about enjoying life doing what he wants, he does not look happy. He is the only one among the Legendary 94 generation, who have been promoted to manage departments in the company, to have failed to make it up the corporate ladder. It is easy to tell from Yaginuma’s actions that he cannot avoid being conscious of his contemporaries who have succeeded unlike himself. Meanwhile, Hashida realises that he has been staring enviously at the outstanding Arata Keita and using manga as a means of escape. It strikes him that he is also behaving like Yaginuma, and wonders if he should go on like this. Hashida starts to examine how he works and lives as catches glimpses of the pasts and woes of those who do not work. What is the significance of work and what makes a happy life?

Hamada Gaku as Hashida Hajime
An employee at Maisan Shimbun’s IT systems department for seven years. He is middling in his full-time job as a systems engineer but writes a web manga series as his sideline. Because the IT systems department does behind-the-scenes work, he begins to consider whether he should carry on living the way he has.

Furukawa Yuki as Arata Keita
Hashida Hajime’s contemporary and a journalist with the editorial office’s political department. He is a young and outstanding employee who has scored scoops on current issues and politics. He is also pleasant and affable. Because he is faultless, Hashida admires him but also feels a sense of inferiority.

Ikeda Eliza as Kawae Nana
An employee with the human resources department. It is her eighth year at the company. She keeps using the fact that she is a high school graduate to pass work to people while she skives. She knows that Hashida Hajime draws manga as a side job and helps him keep his secret. She supports and meddles in his manga for some reason.

Omizu Yosuke as Kamoshida Tetsuya
Hashida Hajime’s contemporary who is with the editorial office’s proofreading department. He is on good terms with Hashida and Arata Keita and the three of them often go for drinks. He pays particular attention to choice of words and fashion sense.

Tsuda Kanji as Yaginuma Yutaka
An employee with the process department. It is his 25th year with the company. He brags about a carefree life not shackled to work but … … He leads Hashida Hajime to think about the way he works.

Original Work
Hatarakazaru Monotachi by Surrender Hashimoto

Udo Yoshifumi (Omoshiro Nankyoku Ryorinin)
Nishioka Toneil (Unmei kara Hajimaru Koi)

Udo Yoshifumi

Theme Song
Home by M!LK

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