Onna Tomodachi

Onna Tomodachi

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From 12.00 a.m., Sundays, 12 April 2020

BS TV Tokyo

Inui Setsu is an up-and-coming shoe designer. After business hours, she and arrives at the dining bar where Onozawa Chisato works. Chisato, who has been Setsu’s good friend since high school, senses that something has happened. Setsu confides that she has both good as well as bad news to share. The good news is that she has been scouted by an Italian manufacturer that is her client. The bad news is that her love affair with Hirai Tamotsu has been discovered by Hirai’s wife. Setsu is hesitant about going to Italy and has not had this conversation with Hirai. While her first marriage failed because of her perfection, she seems to have found comfort in her relationship with the devil-may-care Hirai. She is unable to decide on the opportunity she has to break up with her lover and make it big time. Although Chisato listens sympathetically to Setsu’s story, she is troubled by her own husband’s infidelity. Chisato’s husband Mitsuru is a popular photographer. He has always had the habit of having affairs. But her intuition gives her the hunch that his affair might be a serious one this time. She is tormented by hallucinations that the family will be hijacked in her absence. Meanwhile, Setsu is hit with an unexpected incident … …

Hara Sachie as Inui Setsu
A shoe designer. She got a divorce because of domestic violence. Although she has a sexual arousal disorder, she has been having an affair with the married Hirai Tamotsu who is her former university classmate. She has found comfort in this relationship and is unable to break off from him.

Isoyama Sayaka as Onozawa Chisato
Inui Setsu’s good friend since high school days. She is bothered by the affairs of her husband Mitsuru who has had countless affairs.

Hakamada Yoshihiko as Hirai Tamotsu
Inui Setsu’s lover. He has been having an affair with Setsu even though he has a wife.

Takezai Terunosuke as Onozawa Mitsuru
Onozawa Chisato’s husband. A popular photographer. He has had numerous affairs since way back.

Original Work
Onna Tomodachi by Saimon Fumi

Kikkawa Nami (Poison Daughter Holy Mother)
Inukai Kyoko (Osaka Kanjosen Series, Watashitachi ga Puropozu Sarenai no ni wa 101 no Riyuu ga Atte da na Series)

Kuma Shinji, Ouchi Takahiro, Yoshikawa Ayuta

Theme Song
Tokyo Muri Shinjuu by Drama Store

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