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Takeuchi Sayoko is an expert in the “second wife business” with her a natural ability to seduce men. She marries wealthy old men and makes easy money through the large inheritance she receives after their deaths. She is in cahoots with Kashiwagi Toru, the CEO of a matchmaking agency in Osaka who is actually the mastermind behind the scenes with several women who make a livelihood from this business. One day, Kashiwagi introduces Sayoko to Nakase Kozo, a former teacher. She succeeds in becoming his second wife and getting him to write a notarised will. However, she knows that he still has other assets and schemes to open his hidden safe. Kozo’s second daughter Tomomi, who runs an architect firm in Tokyo with her common-law husband, is concerned about the welfare of her elderly father since he lives alone in Osaka. At that moment, she is notified by her elder sister Naoko that their father collapsed. When Tomomi rushes over to the hospital in a panic, she is shocked to learn that he has married his fourth wife. Sayoko, the woman who calls herself her father’s wife, is the same age and looks out of place in the hospital with her flashy outfit. Tomomi is blatantly hostile but Sayoko is not bothered by her anger. She shows a suspicious Tomomi the wedding photos taken with Kozo who radiates happiness, and calls his two daughters, who do not contact him regularly, heartless. Tomomi eventually goes back to Tokyo after Kozo’s condition stabilises. However, she still resents Sayoko. Believing from Sayoko’s appearance that she is after her father’s assets, Tomomi contacts a private investigation firm to check up on Sayoko. The person who comes is private investigator Honda Yoshinori, who was Tomomi’s senior in university. After hearing Tomomi’s story, Honda immediately suspects that Sayoko is in the “second wife business”. He closes in on the secret between Sayoko and Kashiwagi and drives them into a corner.

Kimura Yoshino as Takeuchi Sayoko
She has the natural ability to seduce men and makes a living through fake marriages, targeting wealthy old men for their inheritance. A professional in the business of being a second wife, she has registered marriages and removed her name from the registers of three men so far. She maybe a bad, flamboyant woman with a fondness for expensive jewellery and brands, but she is a bit of an airhead and impossible to hate. She becomes the wife of Nakase Kozo and eyes the inheritance.

Takahashi Katsunori as Kashiwagi Toru
The CEO of a matchmaking agency in Osaka who is actually the mastermind behind the scenes with several women who make a livelihood from this “second wife business”. He loves money and women. The uninhibited Takeuchi Sayoko frequently vexes him because she does not listen to what he says but he has a high opinion of her skills.

Kimura Tae as Nakase Tomomi
The second daughter of the Nakase family. She has lived in Tokyo since she was in high school. She has been ambitious from a young age. A strong-minded and intelligent career woman, she runs a architect firm with her common-law husband Sato Shiro. Her father Kozo is brought to hospital one day and she learns of the existence of Takeuchi Sayoko when she rushes over from Tokyo.

Ihara Tsuyoshi as Honda Yoshinori
A former detective with the Osaka Prefectural Police who investigated gangs. He is now a private investigator. It was discovered that he was passing internal information to companies and voluntarily resigned. He is asked by Nakase Tomomi, who was his junior in university, to investigate the “second wife business” and he begins to close in on Takeuchi Sayoko and Kashiwagi Toru.

Izumiya Shigeru as Nakase Kozo
The father of Nakase Naoko and Tomomi. A former teacher. He registered with a matchmaking agency some ten years after the death of his wife and has remarried twice. He gets to know Takeuchi Sayoko and becomes her target. He is estranged from his adult daughters and lives alone.

Hayama Shono as Kurosawa Hiroshi
Takeuchi Sayoko’s younger brother. He is a small-time gangster who has been released from prison. He gets wind of the bad things that Sayoko and Kashiwagi Toru are doing and asks them for money.

Seki Erika (Kekkon Aite wa Chusen de, Ima kara Anata o Kyohaku Shimasu, Hello Harinezumi)

Original Work
Gosaigyou by Kurokawa Hiroyuki

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