Zettai Seigi

Zettai Seigi

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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 2 February 2019

Fuji TV

Takanori Noriko changed schools just a month before high school graduation. She won admiration and became one of Yoshida Yumiko’s friends after saving Yumiko from being molested on a bus. However, Yumiko and her friends Minami Riho, Imamura Kazuki and Ishimori Reika do not realise the true nature of Noriko whom they assumed to be a modest and courteous girl. Noriko lives with the law as the one and only standard. In time, the people around her are mercilessly driven into a corner because of her sense of righteousness. Noriko forces the dismissal of the school’s lenient physical education teacher Yazawa Takeshi and police officers for letting students who smoke get off the hook, removes homeless people who are sheltering from the cold in an abandoned house, and her actions gradually escalate. Yumiko, Riho, Kazuki and Reika have been relying on Noriko, the “heroine of justice”. However, they begin to feel uncomfortable about her extreme sense of righteousness. Noriko would repeatedly ask them to say what she has done wrong. They cannot rebut because she is right. Even so, they find this difficult to accept. Terror and fear slowly creep up on them like a noose wrapped around their necks. They squirm at the justice that they ought to rely on. 15 years after graduation, the four friends from high school are reunited with Noriko who is now a full-time housewife. Yumiko is struggling to raise her children as she works part-time because her husband was laid off. Riho runs an international school with her husband who is a foreigner and live a wealthy life even though they worry about not being able to have a baby. Kazuki has just quit working at a big publisher and aspires to become a successful non-fiction writer while Reika has successfully transitioned from a child actor to an actress and is having a fling with a married man. They have all been living their own lives. However, their routines begin to fall apart as a result of this reunion with Noriko. This quietly and eventually moves rapidly towards a doomed dead end.

Yamaguchi Sayaka/Shiraishi Sei as Takanori Noriko
She has an extreme sense of justice and will not let wrongdoings or crimes go unpunished. She has been a full-time housewife after expecting her daughter. She is always proper, never makes mistakes or forgives a sin due to an incident in her past. She lives with the law as the standard for justice.

Mimura Rie/Sakurada Hiyori as Nishiyama (Yoshida) Yumiko
Takanori Noriko’s friend from high school days. She worked at a stationery company after graduating from a local college and married a colleague. However, her husband was laid off due to the company’s worsening performance. She has to work part-time to support her unemployed husband and their two children.

Katase Nana/Ono Rina as (Minami) Riho Williams
Takanori Noriko’s friend from high school days. She graduated from Harvard University, and runs an international school with her husband Joey who is a foreigner. They are wealthy but worry about not being able to conceive. She has disagreements with her husband because she wants to have a child of her own but he does not mind adopting a child.

Sakurai Yuki/Komukai Naru as Imamura Kazuki
Takanori Noriko’s friend from high school days. A freelance journalist. She has just quit working at a big publisher and feels an urgency to become a successful non-fiction writer someday. Noriko identified the culprit of the threatening phone calls that she was getting after they began to earn their own living, and she feels grateful to her.

Tanaka Minami/Iida Yuma as Ishimori Reika
Takanori Noriko’s friend from high school days. She has successfully transitioned from child actor to actress. Although she is doing well in her career, she is having an affair with a married man Honma Ryoji. She hid an unwanted pregnancy back in high school with Noriko’s help.

Nishi Kosuke (Mozu Series, Napoleon no Mura)
Tanioka Yuki (Saigo no Restaurant, Limit)

Original Work
Zettai Seigi by Akiyoshi Rikako

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