3-nen A-gumi ~ Ima kara Minna-san wa, Hitojichi desu


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From 10.30 p.m., Sundays, 6 January 2019


With 10 days to go before their graduation ceremony, high school life was supposed to come to a peaceful end for the 29 students of Kaiou High School’s Class 3A. However, on this day, the door of the classroom opens and their art teacher Hiiragi Ibuki stands in front of the teacher’s desk. Then he tells them this, “From this moment, all of you are my hostages”. The students stare at him blankly and then they eventually laugh. A bunch of them are shocked and try to go back. However, he has installed a special lock on the classroom door so they cannot open freely. At that moment, the sudden sound of an explosion reverberates outside the corridor, startling them. A bomb planted by Ibuki went off. Their relationship transforms from teacher and students to criminal and hostages in that instant. Class 3A is completely cut off as a result of the explosion. Ibuki tells them that he will begin his final class now. He seeks answers for the reason why a student in the class committed suicide several months earlier. The star student who left this world all of a sudden without leaving a suicide note or saying anything. Taken hostage by their teacher, the students now have to confront the truth that they had been avoiding. He announces that they have until 8.00 pm to produce an answer and makes class rep Kayano Sakura the designated person. If the answer is incorrect, someone will die. Why did their classmate suddenly commit suicide? And why has their teacher decided to take such a sensational approach to conduct his final class?

Suda Masaki as Hiiragi Ibuki
The form teacher of Kaiou High School’s Class 3A. An art teacher who took the job two years ago. 10 days before the school’s graduation ceremony, he conducts his last lesson with his 29 students as hostages. His motive is unknown.

Nagano Mei as Kayano Sakura
The class representative of Kaiou High School’s Class 3A. She hides her true feelings and always acts based on how she reads the situation. She is discontented with school life and an introverted student.

Shiina Kippei as Gunji Mato
A detective with the Juvenile Section at Seseyama Police Precinct’s Community Safety Division.

Bengal as Ichimura Koichi
The principal of Kaiou High School.

Muto Shogo (Kaito Yamaneko, Wakamonotachi (2014), Kazoku Game)

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