TBS Monday Theatre 2019 ~ Asami Mitsuhiko Series ~ Amagi Toge Satsujin Jiken

Date: From 8.00 p.m., 7 January 2019
Scriptwriter: Arai Shuko (Pretty ga Oosugiru, Higanbana, Mother Game)
Original Work: Amagi Toge Satsujin Jiken by Uchida Yasuo
Cast: Hiraoka Yuta, Ichige Yoshie, Tanimura Mitsuki, Horiuchi Masami, Omi Toshinori, Suzuki Rio, Otonashi Mikiko, Kaneda Akio, Ishimaru Kanji, Takeshita Keiko
Synopsis: Travel and history writer Asami Mitsuhiko (Hiraoka Yuta) visits Amagi Pass in Izu Peninsula with his mother (Takeshita Keiko). He meets Kobayashi Akio (Horiuchi Masami) and his daughter Asami (Tanimura Mitsuki) at Takegami Ryokan where he is staying. Seeing the happy father and daughter, Mitsuhiko feels Akio’s unwavering love for Asami when he happens to meet Akio at the open air bath later and hears his thoughts. However, while on his way to Takegami Ryokan on a later date, Mitsuhiko meets Asami by chance and is told that her father met with an accident at Amagi Pass one month ago and passed away. Suspecting foul play, Mitsuhiko and Asami search for the purpose of Akio’s trip to paste slips of paper written with the characters “下司” on shrine pillars. In the process, Asami encounters Kasahara Kiyomi (Ichige Yoshie), her biological mother whom she has not seen for many years, at a temple. However, she is unable to forget her painful past of being abandoned by Kiyomi and refuses to have anything to do with her. Meanwhile, Mitsuhiko helps Yasuda Kana (Suzuki Rio), a junior high student who was mistaken for a shoplifter, and gets to know her detective father Yasuda Tomohisa (Omi Toshinori) as a result. With Yasuda’s assistance, Mitsuhiko is able to begin a full-scale investigation and heads to Kiyomi’s place to get to know Akio’s character. However, Takegami Keiko (Otonashi Mikiko), the proprietress of Takegami Ryokan, attempts to commit suicide and the situation takes an unexpected turn.
Official Website: www.tbs.co.jp/getsuyou-meisaku/20190107

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