Izakaya Fuji

Izakaya Fuji

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From 12.20 a.m., Sundays, 9 July 2017

TV Tokyo

Nishio Eiichi came to Tokyo alone to pursue his dream. He is a struggling young actor who is troubled by his present situation. The only role he gets to play in dramas are dead corpses. One day, Nishio is about to go back after drowning his problems in drink. When he is wandering about Nakameguro, a photo of Izakaya Fuji, a small pub which he recognises, is uploaded on the Instagram account of a girl called kujira that he had liked recently. Nishio goes there on a whim and notices its subdued Showa-era appearance. But when he steps inside, the place is beyond his imagination. The walls and ceiling are plastered with coloured paper signed by celebrities. And he sees actor Omori Nao among the regulars. Nishio marvels at the celebrities who crowd here. But the regulars unanimously say the old man who is owner is the famous person. However, he passed away two years ago. The next day, Nishio participates in the final audition for the lead role of a superhero drama. He counts on pulling this off and becoming famous with this role. But he is dismissed by the director who says he does not have what it take to be an actor, and feels depressed. Meanwhile, Omori is drinking alone at Izakaya Fuji when the owner Takahashi Mitsuko is out and actress Shinohara Ryoko shows up … … Nishio is reminded of what the important things are as he comes in contact with Omori and other senior actors and actresses who are regulars at Izakaya Fuji.

* Nagayama Kento as Nishio Eiichi
* Omori Nao as Omori Nao
* Iitoyo Marie as Kujirai Mai
* Tateishi Ryoko as Takahashi Mitsuko
* Suwa Taro as Kobayashi Shoji
* Hirata Atsuko as Mayama Reiko
* Yo Kimiko as Nishio Tamami
* Nakamura Genki as Akiyama Kenji
* Murakami Jun as Kudo Shunsuke
* Shinohara Ryoko (Ep 1 guest star)
* Osugi Ren (Ep 2 guest star)
* Mizukawa Asami (Ep 3 guest star)
* Shiina Kippei (Ep 5 guest star)
* Nagayama Yoko (Ep 6 guest star)
* Tezuka Toru (Ep 6 guest star)
* Ono Nonoka (Ep 7 guest star)
* Maeda Atsuko (Ep 7 guest star)
* Otoo Takuma (Ep 9 guest star)
* Kishitani Goro (Ep 10 guest star)
* Yamamoto Mirai (Ep 11 guest star)
* Matsuo Takashi (Ep 11 guest star)

Nemoto Nonji (Gin to Kin, Otokomeshi, Hatsukoi Geinin)
Yamada Akane (Kichijoji dake ga Sumitai Machi desu ka?, Jikou Keisatsu Series)
Awashima Zuimaro
Imanishi Yuko

Original Work
Izakaya Fuji by Kuriyama Keisuke

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