Hello Harinezumi


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From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 14 July 2017


Akatsuka Detective Agency stands inconspicuously at Shimo Akatsuka in Tokyo’s Itabashi ward. Its carefree, eccentric investigator Nanase Goro is eager to take on troublesome cases that everyone else is reluctant to. At times, he and his partner Kogure Kyusaku tackle sad cases and sometimes difficult ones that are beyond imagination. The detective agency is headed by Kaze Kaoru, a heavy drinker who downs alcohol during the day but watches out for Goro and Gu-re. One day, the slacker Goro and Gu-re, are at the bar Kirara directly below their office, flirting with the part-time staff Moemi, like they always do every day. At that moment, they hear the sound of pounding from the ceiling which comes in three sets. Realising that this is the signal from their boss Kaoru that they have a new case, the pair hurriedly returns to the office. They are greeted with curses by Kaoru who is holding a mix of shochu and tonic water in one hand, and come face to face with a client named Kawada who owns a freight company. Kawada makes an impossible request – to find his daughter who died in a traffic accident one month ago. He wishes to show his wife, who is in a coma from the same accident, a child who looks like their daughter. Goro and Gure feel sorry for the man and take on the request. With the help of an acquaintance working at a TV station, they start by putting on an audition for child actors.

Eita as Nanase Goro
A staff of Akatsuka Detective Agency. Nicknamed Harinezumi (hedgehog), he is a fool and lewd. But he is compassionate and has outstanding ability to sniff out cases and get into action. Although he is a little bit thick in the head, he is a great fighter and the life of the detective agency. He gets to know Shidawara Ranko through some case.

Fukada Kyoko as Shidawara Ranko
She makes Nanase Goro’s acquaintance through some case. An enigmatic beauty whose true identity is shrouded in mystery.

Morita Go as Kogure Kyusaku
A staff of Akatsuka Detective Agency. Nanase Goro’s partner. A former gambler, he possesses sharp eyes. Despite his dark past, he is usually cheerful and also enthusiastic. He and Goro always call each other idiots. Contrary to his macho looks, he is easily moved to tears and there are times when he cries aloud after listening to clients’ stories.

Yamaguchi Tomoko as Kaze Kaoru
The boss of Akatsuka Detective Agency. She has a good reputation but drinks alcohol during the day and comes alive after 5 pm. This might be the reason why she is still single but her past is not known.

Aoi Yu as Kawai Setsuko
A beautiful medium. Her background is not known but she possesses psychic power that is unmatched.

Lily Franky as Minami
The boss of the shabby publishing company, Sunrise Publishing, and is usually a good-for-nothing journalist. However, he has another side as a person who takes care of the problems and disputes of big companies.

One Hitoshi (Mahoro Eki-mae Bangaichi, Moteki)

Original Work
Hello Harinezumi by Hirokane Kenshi

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