TV Asahi Drama Special 2017 ~ Tantei Shojo Arisa no Jikenbo

Tantei Shojo Arisa no Jikenbo

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 28 January 2017
Scriptwriter: Tanigawa Junichiro (Honjitsu Ohigara mo Yoku, Keiji no Manazashi)
Original Work: Tantei Shojo Arisa no Jikenbo Mizonokuchi Yori Ai o Komete by Higashigawa Tokuya
Cast: Honda Miyu, Tanaka Kei, Iwaki Koichi, Jinbo Satoshi, Okouchi Nanako, Yano Koji, Naito Risa, Takasugi Mizuho, Terada Minori, Natori Yuko
Synopsis: Famous investigator Ayaragi Kozaburo (Iwaki Koichi) has deftly solved a murder associated with a counterfeit painting. It was actually the advice of his young daughter Arisa (Honda Miyu) who possesses deductive and observation powers inherited from her parents, that helped crack the case. On this day, Arisa is brought to a mansion on a small remote island in the ocean by her aunt Ayaragi Yoko (Okouchi Nanako). Yoko often looks after her on behalf of her parents who frequently fly around overseas. However, the weather worsens from the night of their arrival. While electricity and communications with the outside world are cut off, Yoko discovers that someone had fallen to death inside the mansion. The guests become paranoid that the criminal might be among them because no one was seen coming in or going out of the place. The city council member Kamiki Shousuke (Tanaka Kei), lawyer Ando Kiichiro (Terada Minori), management consultant Iwanaka Satoshi (Takasugi Mizuho), former chef Kurita Tatsuo (Jinbo Satoshi) and housekeeper Okuno Tomomi (Natori Yuko) emerge as possible suspects. Meanwhile, the second and third murders all happen in locked rooms in quick succession. The second victim drowned unnaturally in seawater placed in the room while the third victim was drugged with potassium cyanide inside a small bottle and buried in the ground. After seeing the unnatural appearances of the victims, Arisa realises that the murders are modelled after “Alice in Wonderland”! Then news of the escape and disappearance of Sagara Kyoji (Miyakawa Ichirota), a prisoner who is serving time for murder, makes its rounds. While the police desperately search for him, they receive word that he is on a boat headed to the island. It soon turns out that the owner of the mansion Suzaki Shiro (Aoyagi Buntaro) has a past connection to Sagara. Furthermore, Arisa catches on to the fact that the man called Kamiki Shousuke is actually Tachibana Ryota!?
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