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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 12 July 2016

Fuji TV

Todo Hinako is a rookie detective who has been assigned to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. She never forgets case information once she has illustrated it. One day, the division gets word about the discovery of a dead man called Miyahara Akio. Hearing his name, Hinako immediately reports that this man was arrested thrice on suspicion of indecent assault. Her boss Atsuta Iwao is surprised by these words. But in fact, Hinako has memorised all the unsolved cases that took place in Tokyo and the list of sex offense suspects in the last ten years. She visits a crime scene for the first time with senior detectives Shouji Yasuhisa and Kurashima Keiichiro. All present are speechless in front of the dead body. The lower half has been cold-bloodedly chopped up with a knife. Only Hinako is unperturbed. It turns out that the condition of the dead body is exactly like that of the body of a high school girl who was killed three years ago. Furthermore, the police had regarded Miyahara as a suspect in the unsolved murder at that time. Shouji soon finds Miyahara’s smartphone at the scene. Inside the phone is gruesome footage of Miyahara being assaulted by someone. Hinako later interviews the victim who was attacked by Miyahara and comes across Nakajima Tamotsu, a doctor of psychosomatic medicine, at a house. In addition, she learns that the victim who lived in this house, had committed suicide three months ago, four years after the case … … At the same time, the results of the autopsy on the dead body come out. According to medical examiner Ishigami Taeko, Miyahara’s injuries all match the injuries on the body of the high school girl who died three years ago. However, she says these were self-inflicted by Miyahara. In other words, Miyahara’s death was a suicide. But this does not sit well with Atsuta because it is inconceivable that he did that to himself. Meanwhile, footage at the time of Miyahara’s death turns up on the internet. It appears that the recorded footage was automatically transmitted on a sharing website and seems that someone had planned this beforehand. This can no longer be treated as a simple suicide. At that point, a dead female body is discovered at a park … … With the support of the individualistic members of Team Atsuta and Taeko who is called the god of death, Hinako investigates a series of baffling, bizarre murder cases. There is a darkness in her heart and she has an interest in the psychology of murderers. Her destiny is set in motion by her encounters with various criminals.

Haru as Todo Hinako
A rookie detective who belongs to Team Atsuta in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. She always carries the can of seven spices that is a memento of her late mother with her as a lucky charm and is treated like an oddball by the people around her because she sprinkles this seven spice on everything. She has the ability to remember case information just by illustrating it in a notebook. Because of this, she was chosen from office work handling documents to be an investigator at crime scenes. After becoming a detective who knows the boundary between a person who kills people and a person who does not, she develops an unusual interest in murderers because of a darkness in her heart.

Yokoyama Yu as Shouji Yasuhisa
A detective who belongs to Team Atsuta in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. He is Todo Hinako’s senior. Because his sense of justice is such that he has an abnormal hatred of murderers, when a murder occurs, he will defy his superior’s orders and act on his own. He is capable of doing anything in order to arrest a criminal and obtain important information. He once had a promising future as the ace of the division but fell by the wayside as a result of some case. While working alongside Hinako, he starts to realise her abnormal interest in murderers.

Kaname Jun as Kurashima Keiichiro
A detective who belongs to Team Atsuta in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. He is Todo Hinako and Shouji Yasuhisa’ senior. He loves motorbikes to the extent that he professes “My bike is my sweetheart.” He seems to be smitten with Hinako and takes notice of her every so often.

Hayashi Kento as Nakajima Tamotsu
A doctor of psychosomatic medicine who works for Hayasaka Mental Clinic. He has a kind heart and is easily moved to tears. His specialty is neuroscience and clinical psychology and he aims to be a technical officer who conducts psychological tests at in places such as juvenile detention centres. He meets Todo Hinako during an investigation and assists by offering her advice on criminal psychology as a profiler.

Okunuki Kaoru as Todo Kaori
Todo Hinako’s mother. She had continued to cheer for her daughter until she passed away. She left her a can of seven spices with the words “Go, Hina-chan!” written on it.

Mitsuishi Ken as Hayasaka Masaomi
The hospital director of Hayasaka Mental Clinic where Nakajima Tamotsu works.

Harada Mieko as Ishigami Taeko
A professor of forensic medicine at Teito University’s faculty of medicine and a professional at postmortems. She is strong-minded and has a big heart. She is known as the eccentric medical examiner who has a thing for people who met unnatural deaths and has the nickname ‘Madame Death”.

Watabe Atsuro as Atsuta Iwao
The leader of Team Atsuta in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. Todo Hinako’s boss and a veteran detective with the nickname Gan-san. He recognised Hinako’s astounding memory and selected her to be in charge of investigation scenes. He and Ishigami Taeko are old friends.

Furuya Kazunao (Sumika Sumire, Ouroboros, S ~ Saigo no Keikan)

Original Work
ON Ryoki Hanzai Sousahan Todo Hinako by Naito Ryo

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