Fuji TV Drama Special 2016 ~ Sakurazaka Kinpen Monogatari

From 11.00 p.m., 7 – 10 March 2016

Episode 1
Story: Taxi driver Mizuno Shinichi’s (Harada Taizo) favourite gravure idol Tsukisawa Mayu (Kashiwagi Yuki) happens to board his taxi. But as luck would have it, she is riding together with the famous, popular actor and playboy Hino Kosuke (Hakamada Yoshihiko). The two of them flirt behind Mizuno’s back. And the taxi is stuck in a jam in this unbearable situation. When Mayu gets off the taxi for a moment to go to a convenience store’s toilet, Hino reveals that he is dating two girls at one time. Mayu comes back just as Hino alights to go to the toilet. Mizuno, who cannot hide his shock, is now alone with Mayu. Should he rescue her from this outrageous unfaithful man? But how will he react to an unexpected development!?
Cast: Harada Taizo, Kashiwagi Yuki, Hakamada Yoshihiko

Episode 2
Story: Shiozawa Tsuyoshi (Ichihara Hayato) and Shirakawa Tatsumi (Katsuji Ryo) have kidnapped their company president Maruyama Hiroshi (Namase Katsuhisa). They try to leave the scene as quickly as possible, but unfortunately, they get caught in a traffic jam a short distance away. Fearful of failure, the two of them decide to abort the kidnapping, but this remains an attempted kidnap. Wondering whether their company president will not report them to the police if they get on his good side, Shiozawa and Shirakawa begin bizarre entertainment for Maruyama, but … …
Cast: Ichihara Hayato, Katsuji Ryo, Namase Katsuhisa

Episode 3
Story: Konno (Yamamoto Koji), Aoyama (Okura Koji), Akagi (Nadagi Takeshi), Kuroda (Yamazaki Shigenori), Midorikawa (Nomaguchi Toru) are crammed inside a car on the way back from skiing. Then they stuck in a traffic jam. This situation sets off Konno who suggests that someone get off the car and go back by train so that the remaining four can relax. This triggers a frantic contest to see who will alight and who will remain, but … …
Cast: Yamamoto Koji, Okura Koji, Nadagi Takeshi, Yamazaki Shigenori, Nomaguchi Toru

Episode 4
Story: A couple Nagano Mina (Kawaguchi Haruna) and Chiba Akihisa (Nakamura Aoi) go out on a driving date. Akihisa takes a detour to let Mina see the cherry blossoms at night and as a result they get stuck in a traffic jam. Irritated by the congestion on the roads, the two of them start to get into an argument which ends in talk of breaking up. At that moment, Mina suddenly needs the toilet. She is unsure if she should ask to go to a toilet in this situation amid a lot of conflicting things. Unable to tolerate it any longer, she finally alights from the car without a word and heads to a convenience store’s toilet. Left alone inside the car, Akihisa gets flustered that this may truly be the end to their seven-year relationship. What is the couple’s destiny?
Cast: Kawaguchi Haruna, Nakamura Aoi

Bakarhythm‎ (Kamoshirenai Joyuutachi, Sutekina Sentaxi)

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