Watashi no Uchi ni wa, Nanimo Nai


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From 10.30 p.m., Saturdays, 6 February 2016

NHK BS Premium

Yururi Mai likes tidying up more than her three meals a day. One day, Mai suddenly became conscious of decluttering and was driven by the urge to discard the contents of her messy room. Since then, she has got rid of stacks of books, mementos, furniture, plates, utensils, clothes and even towels besides the bare necessities in life. The remote controls and small objects are all on shelves. Friends who visit are astonished by the spartan, spacious apartment which has nothing and call Mai a “decluttering freak”. But Mai knows how good it feels to throw things away. She has made a habit of decluttering without any regard for the people around her and achieved a life with “nothing”. However, decluttering is a thorny path. There is discord between her and her mother Fumi and grandmother Hatsuko who are reluctant to throw away anything because “it’s a shame”. Her emotional support is her husband Tsutomu-kun with a big heart like Buddha and their two cats. As Mai battles with Fumi and Hatsuko and lives with Tsutomu, she starts to reexamine objects and living.

Kaho as Mai
She is called a “decluttering freak” for throwing away one thing after another that she does not need with the aim of having a room of “nothing”. In fact, she was an inhabitant of a messy room in the past.

Kondo Koen as Tsutomu
Mai’s husband. They married after dating since the time they were student. He completely accepts Mai’s behaviour and is a guy with a big heart who willingly lives with her grandmother and mother.

Asaka Mayumi as Fumi
Mai’s mother. She is now a teacher. She cannot throw anything away because everything is too good. The items she has kept secret from Mai are …

Enami Kyoko as Hatsuko
Mai’s grandmother. She experienced studying abroad as a Fulbright scholar and is a pioneer career woman. She stashes away precious items of her ancestors and cannot understand her granddaughter’s obsession with decluttering.

Arai Yuka (Minami-kun no Koibito 2015, Konkatsu Deka)

Original Work
Watashi no Uchi ni wa, Nanimo Nai by Yururi Mai

#1: Decluttering Freak is Here!
#2: Memorable Heartbreak
#3: Freak Family

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