Onna Kudoki Meshi Season 2


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From 1.11 a.m., Wednesdays, 20 January 2016


Kanbayashi Megumi, a freelance writer around the age of 30, has not had a boyfriend in six years. One day, she is summoned by the editor of the magazine ‘DISH’ Fushimi Yuko, whom she is on friendly terms with. Yuko informs her that she is getting married. Megumi reels from this all too sudden news from her supposed fellow spinster. But according to Yuko, it seems that Megumi will get married in three months in keeping with the outcome of the divination of ‘Aphrodite Tsuyako’, which is serialised in Dish. The divination has it that Megumi will enter life’s “golden time” in these three months and have both work and romance. If she lets this chance slip by, she will have no hope of romance for the next 30 years. Just as Megumi gets flustered, she is encouraged by Yuko to “do her best these three months even if it kills her”. Then Yuko hands her the proposal for a second season of dinner dates at restaurants chosen by ordinary, single male candidates. Megumi is fired up with the desire to do another season. Will she be able to meet her ideal guy and seize happiness this time?

* Kanjiya Shihori as Kanbayashi Megumi
* Ando Tamae as Fushimi Yuko
* Totsugi Shigeyuki as Kasama Hiroki (Ep 1)
* Yamada Yuki as Ogasawara Hirokazu (Ep 2)
* Ryusei Ryo as Azegami Shun (Ep 3)
* Inoue Jun as Hirosawa Shinsuke (Ep 4)
* Wakaba Ryuya as Maeda Shugo (Ep 5)
* Sugawara Eiji as Teshigawara Masataka (Ep 6)
* Urai Kenji as Seta Hideyuki (Ep 7)
* Okada Yoshinori as Fukunaga Mahiro (Ep 8)

Kitagawa Ayako (Onna Kudoki Meshi Season 1, Ofukou-san)

Original Work
Onna Kudoki Meshi by Mine Nayuka

#1: Organic Vegetable and Esthetique . Dinner at Ginza with Lawyer who Looks Young for His Age
#2: Herbal Hot Pot at Jiyugaoka with Delightful, Muscular Deliveryman
#3: Fancy Teppanyaki at Akasaka with Mild, Handsome Beautician
#4: Deer Meat Shabu Shabu at Asakusa Kaminarimon with Retired Widower
#5: Genuine Thai Food at Asagaya with Good-for-nothing Handsome Band Guy
#6: That’s Japanese Businessman! Suppon Nabe at Mukoujima with General Construction Company Man
#7: Mexican Cuisine and Sweets at Ebisu with Spirited Elementary School Teacher
#8: Original French Cuisine at Nishi Azabu with Prince Charming

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