TBS Monday Golden Short Drama 2014 ~ Zenmou no Boku ga Bengoshi ni Natta Riyuu

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 1 December 2014
Cast: Matsuzaka Tori, Minamisawa Nao, Hoshino Mari, Sato Jiro, Taiga, Mashima Hidekazu, Kurokawa Mei, Onoue Hiroyuki, Aiba Hiroki, Jinbo Satoshi, Hotaru Yukijiro, Izumiya Shigeru, Toda Keiko, Yamamoto Kei
Synopsis: Okouchi Kensuke (Matsuzaka Tori) wanted to help vulnerable people. He topped the bar exam despite being completely blind and qualified as a lawyer. He now works for the law firm headed by Minagawa (Yamamoto Kei) and is an assistant to Tanabe Michiyo (Toda Keiko). At home, he lives modestly with his wife Natsumi (Minamisawa Nao), who is also completely blind, because of the imminent birth of their child. One day, Kensuke gets a request to mediate a divorce. The client Ando Satomi (Hoshino Mari) feels uncomfortable that Kensuke is blind. However, he perceives her sensitivity and invites her to sit in on one of his trials. After seeing a trial, Satomi has a good feeling towards Kensuke and entrusts the mediation of her own divorce to him. Satomi says that she wants to break up with her husband Kazuya (Mashima Hidekazu) because she cannot tolerate his abuse. At that same moment, Kensuke is instructed by Yamaoka (Sato Jiro), his senior in the law firm, to take charge of a murder case. “It won’t be a difficult case since the defendant has even acknowledged the truth,” he is told. This is the murder of Maeda Tetsuo (Hotaru Yukijiro), the company president of a factory. An employee, Yamanishi Masaki (Taiga), who had argued with Maeda the night before and was arrested as the suspect. Masaki himself admits getting into a quarrel with Maeda and punching him. Intending to fight the charge as manslaughter instead of murder, Kensuke has an audience with Masaki but Masaki’s attitude is for some reason reckless. Kensuke calls on Masaki’s parents together with Michiyo and visits the factory which became the scene of the incident in an attempt to grasp the details of the case. They meet Maeda’s son, Taichi (Matsuda Yoji) who gets an apology from Masaki’s parents. But Taichi trips and ends up on his hands and knees. His posture is photographed by a third party. “Blind lawyer makes victim’s son prostrate himself”. The composition of the photo alone is damaging to the other party and Kensuke is scolded by Minagawa for being careless. Furthermore, Satomi calls to tell him that she is dropping the mediation that she requested. A dejected Kensuke wonders if this is his fault. Even so, he heads to the factory with Michiyo in order to find clues. Kensuke has an audience with Masaki and points out the discrepancies between the deposition and Masaki’s remarks. He asks Masaki if he did no kill Maeda. Thinking that he should search for the real criminal so that he can fight the murder charge, Kensuke goes to the police but gets curtly turned away. However, he obtains information from the detective Kanda (Ozawa Ryota) that a factory employee called Shimura (Izumiya Shigeru) also had disagreements with Maeda. Is the real criminal someone other than Masaki? Kensuke goes to the factory once again and asks Shimura to teach him the way work is done. While the tool which the employees use is in his hand, Kensuke feels something is not right … …
Official Website: www.tbs.co.jp/getsugol/20141201

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