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Naruse Junichi makes an honest living working at a factory line while dreaming of being an artist. He goes through his days treasuring the little happiness that has developed between him and his girlfriend Hamura Megumi. But on Christmas Eve, he gets caught up in a robbery at a jewellery store he had dropped by with the intention of buying an engagement ring, and sustains a serious head injury as a result. He is brought to Towa University Hospital where he escapes death because of the world’s first living brain transplant operation by Professor Domoto Hiroshi who is an authority in brain surgery. The surgery is thought to be a success. But after Junichi’s discharge from hospital, he develops a sensitive hearing together and becomes violent. Eventually his feelings for Megumi whom he had liked so much also start to be different from the past. Although he was left in the dark about the brain transplant, Junichi realises he is obviously about to change and is seized with fear and anxiety. On the other hand, Megumi’s feelings for Junichi have remained constant and she wishes that he will return to his former self somehow. She tries to pursue the mystery concealed in the surgery but … …

Kamiki Ryunosuke as Naruse Junichi
An earnest, good-natured youth who dreams of being an artist and perseveres in creating pieces of work. He works at the factory line of an industrial equipment manufacturer. His parents passed away one after another and he has no kin. He met Hamura Megumi at an art supply store and they became a couple. He loves her with all his heart and treasures the little happiness that has developed between them. Intending to create a new family with Megumi, he secretly prepares a ring but caught up in a robbery and receives the world’s first living brain transplant.

Nikaido Fumi as Hamura Megumi
Naruse Junichi’s girlfriend. She works part-time at an art supply store with her sights set on becoming a illustrator. Going against the opposition of her father, she came to Tokyo. She met Junichi at the art supply store, served as a model for his painting and they became close. Although she is bewildered by Junichi’s change into a different person, she continues to love him.

Usuda Asami as Tachibana Naoko
Professor Domoto Hiroshi’s assistant at Towa University Hospital. She is in charge of Naruse Junichi’s care while he is hospitalised. She has some objective and proactively gets close to him even after his discharge. Her real aim is … …

Watabe Gota as Kyogoku Shunsuke
The robber who shoots Naruse Junichi with a gun. He had drastically changed from a conscientious youth aspiring to be a musician. His tragic past which drove him to crime becomes apparent.

Totsugi Shigeyuki as Mitsukuni Takayasu
A psychologist who works for Towa University Hospital. He analyses Naruse Junichi’s psyche after the surgery and tries to figure out what is happening inside his brain.

Honda Tsubasa as Kyogoku Ryoko
Kyogoku Shunsuke’s younger twin sister. She has a strong bond with Shunsuke. The moment she meets Naruse Junichi, they somehow have strong feelings for each other.

Murakami Jun as Kurata Kenzo
A detective of Tsukiji Chuo Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division. While put in charge of the paperwork for the robbery, he starts to realise that there is a conspiracy behind the case.

Ibu Masato as Domoto Hiroshi
A professor at Towa University Hospital’s Department of Neurosurgery. He does Naruse Junichi’s brain transplant. He takes pride in his contribution to the progress of medicine in Japan, but gets irritated that the organisation funding it will not allow this achievement to be made public.

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