Fuji TV Plus Drama ~ Last Honeymoon

Date: From 1 August 2014
Cast: Tsuruta Mayu, Kazama Toru, Koisako Chiho, Daegon, Kanzaki Chiaki, Ochi Hiroki
Synopsis: As the Isakas reach their 15th wedding anniversary, their relationship has become a loveless one. Husband Kohei (Kazama Toru) decides to marry his lover Tomobiki Mari (Koisako Chiho), and presses his wife Kumiko (Tsuruta Mayu) for a divorce. Kumiko agrees to the divorce in return for a trip to South Korea which they had visited together in the past. The two of them travel to Seoul and spend time as a couple for the first time in a long while. They enjoy sightseeing, meals and the casino, but their differences cannot be hidden. And there is the shadow cast by a woman stalking them … … During the time spent together, their frosty relationship starts to thaw little by little. Kohei is reminded of his forgotten feelings for his wife and regret wells up in him. On the final day of their last honeymoon in Seoul, he puts his choice after returning home in the hands of the casino’s roulette … …
Official Website: www.plus.fujitv.co.jp/lasthoneymoon

Episode 1: The First Day
Story: The Isakas are visiting Seoul in South Korea for their last honeymoon. This trip to Seoul is a countdown to divorce. Kumiko and Kohei stroll along the streets, but even conversation between the couple is awkward. She searches for a Seolleongtang restaurant. However, it seems to have closed down and they cannot find it. Kumiko is fixated on it while Kohei has no such interest and thinks another Seolleongtang restaurant will be the same. The first night of their trip approaches with the two of them going in opposite directions emotionally. Unable to sleep that night, Kohei ends up deep in thought at the casino in the hotel.
View: Last Honeymoon Episode 1

Episode 2: The Second Day
Story: On the second day of their last honeymoon, there is still a sense of distance between the Isakas. Kohei tries to take a photograph of Kumiko on impulse, but she refuses. Her response is the same when he offers to buy one of the necklaces that she shows interest in at a stall selling accessories. Then a young street vendor who draws portraits hails them. However, Kumiko chooses to look at the merchandise instead. While Kohei waits for her, he sees a young couple on the street and is reminded of themselves when they were students. He begins to understand her earlier refusals and reflects that it was cruel of him to focus on work and leave her alone. His thoughts are interrupted by Kumiko who suggests a meal of crabs. The atmosphere between the two of them finally lightens, but there is a woman waiting in the lobby when they return to the hotel. She is Kohei’s lover, Mari. That night, Kohei visits the casino again and entrusts his decision on whether to visit Mari’s room to roulette.
View: Last Honeymoon Episode 2

Episode 3: The Third Day
Story: On the third day, Kohei and Kumiko take breakfast in their hotel room. She tells him, “I’d like to see you smile. Because it’s the last time.” Last night, Kohei had visited Mari’s room after the game of roulette. Her delight turned into disbelief when he asked her to return to Japan the next morning and wait for him, “I want to spend proper time with my wife. Because this is last time.” That day, Kohei and Kumiko visit the hilly neighbourhood of Samcheong-dong. He stops to catch his breath halfway up a long slope, but she grabs him by the wrist to urge him along. Even this sort of brief contact between husband and wife is the first in a long while.
View: Last Honeymoon Episode 3

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