Gaiji Keisatsu – Episode 3 Synopsis

Episode 3: The lure


Sumimoto’s request to Aiko is that she becomes a collaborator of the Public Safety Division, and infiltrate a private bar for expatriates to search for information on the terrorist organisation. Hina rebels against Sumimoto’s manipulation and suggests that Aiko need not become a collaborator. However, Sumimoto has Aiko’s comatose husband placed in a hospital where he can receive dorsal column stimulation, an expensive treatment method for patients in a persistent vegetative state. He is getting into Aiko’s heart based on information he has checked up.

Meanwhile, the team has detected radio waves of an incoming call to Julio’s mobile phone at 1.00 p.m. every day. Could the caller be ‘Fish’? Sumimoto tells Hina to use Aiko to get Julio’s mobile phone data. Aiko, who finds hope in Seiichi’s recovery, decides to take on the dangerous task.

That night, Aiko infiltrates the bar. Julio welcomes her with a smile and plays the part of an attentive host. Her chance comes when he steps outside with the last few customers for the night, leaving his mobile phone unattended on the table behind the bar counter. She hurriedly gets up and moves around counter to copy his mobile phone data, following the steps that Hina had taught her. It seems to take an agonisingly long time for the data to be transmitted from the phone’s datacard to the card reader but the process is finally completed. In her haste to return to her seat, Aiko drops the mobile phone on the floor. Julio’s footsteps grow louder … there is no time for her to pick up the mobile phone and put it back in place. Panic-stricken, she remains rooted to the spot when Julio returns. In a heart-stopping moment, Julio walks up behind her to retrieve his mobile phone. He starts to question what she is doing, but she quickly cuts him off with an outburst of feigned anger, “You have the phone numbers of many women and yet you told me that I’m your only female friend. You only invited me for amusement, but I thought you were serious … Don’t play with people’s feelings!” Aiko stalks out of the bar. Moments later, Sumimoto and Hina intercept the taxi that Aiko has taken and retrieve the card reader from her.

In the midst of this, Sumimoto’s collaborator, Nick, is suddenly kidnapped. Nick’s distraught wife, Masayo, barges into a police precinct and rants about his disappearance. Guessing that this is related to the mission assigned by Ariga, Kurata presses Sumitomo to report everything he has made Nick do, but Sumimoto refuses. Then Kurata orders him to erase Nick’s records in order to dissociate the Japanese police from Nick’s actions.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Muramatsu receives an offer from William Spade of Spade Group, an American security contractor, to undertake the security operations for the international counter-terrorism conference. She politely brushes off the proposal, telling them that there is no cause for concern as the Japanese police can adequately handle it. However, Jim Conrad, the head of CIA’s Far East Division, demurs. In a meeting with Ariga at the Prime Minister’s residence, Muramatsu orders him to replace the explosives detectors at the conference venue because they are of the same type as Tanimura TEC’s detectors. Then, she questions Ariga about the rumoured link between the death of the diplomat from the Embassy of Colombia and Tanimura TEC. However, he denies it and assures her that there will be full security at the international counter-terrorism conference.

Sumimoto and his team find nothing questionable in the data that was stolen from Julio’s mobile phone. It is thought that he uses a private SIM card for those daily incoming calls at 1.00 p.m., and that SIM card is stored in the secret room at the rear of the bar.

Sumimoto intends to use Aiko another time. Hina, who has heard about Nick’s disappearance from Kurata, firmly objects, but Sumimoto informs her that she has no right to override his orders. If Aiko will not cooperate, the hospital treatment for her husband will be stopped, he impassively tells Hina. “That’s not something a person does!” an outraged Hina sputters.

At the hospital, Sumimoto asks Aiko to infiltrate the bar once more. Aiko suddenly confesses that she is scared of herself. “In truth, I wish to abandon everything and run away from this person … But I’m happy to be released from his caregiving and to have you order me to undertake dangerous tasks.” Sumimoto feels for her because he completely understands what she has been going through. “I will end this for you, if it is what you want.” Then, he steps up to the hospital bed, and wraps his hands around Seiichi’s neck, but Aiko stops him.

Aiko infiltrates the bar again. As the night progresses, she and Julio are left alone. Spying an opportunity when Julio leaves her for a brief moment, Aiko spikes his drink before he returns. Before long, Julio passes out. The key to the secret room hangs on the necklace around his neck and as Aiko attempts to unclasp the necklace, Julio regains consciousness and grabs her in a hug. But he soon drifts into unconsciousness again. Aiko hastily unlocks the door to the secret room and searches for the SIM card.

Having accomplished her task, Aiko leaves the bar and passes the copied data to Sumimoto. “Don’t lump me with you! I’ve never once wanted him dead.” she calls out to him. Back at the hospital with her husband, Aiko lovingly tells him, “Don’t worry. They’re not using me. I’m the one using them.”

Sumimoto has a flashback to the time when he was young. His father had told him before leaving for an overseas trip, “Protect your mother for me. And don’t become a person who deceives people. Become a person that people trust.” Shortly after, his father had ended up in a vegetative state … Then one day in his youth, Sumimoto had tried to strangle his father in place of his mother, whom he had seen attempting to do the same. But he was stopped by his mother …

Meanwhile, the team has narrowed down the location of the originator of the incoming calls to Julio’s mobile phone at 1.00 p.m. every day from the data obtained by Aiko.

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1 Response to Gaiji Keisatsu – Episode 3 Synopsis

  1. ct says:

    I’ve just finished with episode 3 and 4. I love Sumimoto as a character. He’s smart, he’s observant and also ruthless, but I don’t think I can work under him in real life. This drama made me root for him, however unsettling it might make me considering the I’m also as much in the dark as him.

    I will have to wait for the sub to come out for 5 and 6. Then I can watch the ending in one go. I have changed my perception of NHK Saturday Drama; Hagetaka is excellent and Gaiji Keisatsu is brilliant. I hope Chase managed to get subbed, if that drama is as good as this one, then all hail to NHK!

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