Gaiji Keisatsu – Episode 1 Synopsis

Episode 1: Terrorist infiltration!


Sumimoto Kenji, a team leader within the Fourth Foreign Affairs Section of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Public Safety Division, is informed by the Security Bureau Director, Ariga Shotaro, of highly-classified information received from the CIA. An international terrorist called ‘Fish’ has infiltrated Japan.

Meanwhile, Matsuzawa Hina, a Senior Police Officer from Toyoshima Minami Precinct, is about to question a foreigner when she is intercepted by a man who asks her for directions. Unable to pursue her quarry, a distracted Hina signals to her colleague, Kubota Gaku, to move in, but before Kubota can do so, he is knocked down by someone …

Before long, Hina is ordered to undergo training at the Fourth Foreign Affairs Section. On the other hand, Chief Cabinet Secretary Muramatsu Kumi, who intends to cut the budget of the Public Safety Division’s Foreign Affairs Sections, observes an SAT drill with skepticism. “There’s no way Japan will be a terror target. You know that the best,” she tells Ariga. Ariga momentarily thinks of ‘Fish’ but does not contradict Muramatsu.  

The newly arrived Hina joins Sumimoto and his team as they tail a “customer”. Hina recognises the “customer” as the foreigner whom she had attempted to question several days ago, and it dawns on her that Kanazawa Ryoga, one of the members of the Fourth Foreign Affairs Section, was the man who had intercepted her to ask for directions. “He would have been chased away if you flies came,” Sumimoto unceremoniously tells her by way of explanation. Hina is irked.

The team’s target is Ramon Vargas, a diplomat from the Embassy of Colombia. While they watch from a distance, Ramon comes out of a building and reverses his car into another parked vehicle as he tries to leave. The owner rushes out and an exchange of name cards takes place. Ramon proceeds to go shopping. The team does not just tail, they also follow him and at times spy on his movements from the front. Ramon is seen buying a handbag and a pair of soccer boots. After that, he heads to his lover’s apartment. Hina, who believes that she is good at shadowing targets, is baffled and annoyed.

Meanwhile, Kurata Toshiki, Director of Security Planning Division, asks Takizawa Daisei, the head of the Fourth Foreign Affairs Section, for updates on Sumitomo but Takizawa has nothing on him at the moment. “I heard that there were quite a few problems when he was put in charge of the Russians. A viper reared in an environment without foreign enemies, will not lose its poison,” Kurata tells him.

The next day, Ramon meets the owner of the vehicle that he had hit at a coffee house. It seems that it is to express his apologies. The vehicle’s owner is Tanimura Hiroshi, who runs Tanimura TEC, a precision instruments manufacturer that not only makes gas leak detectors but also explosive detectors. Ramon’s focus is on the performance of the explosive detector. With that information, explosives which avoid the detection of the sensors can be developed. What Ramon had bought were presents for Tanimura’s wife and son, and the collision with Tanimura’s car had been deliberate.

Tanimura’s company has a debt of 30 million yen. Business had suffered after an explosion at a housing complex where its gas leak detectors had been installed, led to the death of one person, and injury of three others.

The team begins wiretapping Tanimura’s phone and conducting surveillance. Tanimura meets Ramon again and passes a disc to him. It contains the blueprint of the detector. A delighted Ramon offers to buy the explosive detector for 300 million yen.

Sumimoto decides to arrest Ramon for violating foreign exchange laws after he purchases the detector from Tanimura. He asks Ariga to entrust the investigation to him, and Ariga warns him that he has been targeted by ‘Zero’, the nickname for the Security Planning Division. At that moment, Kurata arrives at Ariga’s office. His suspicion is aroused when he sees Sumimoto with Ariga …

The following night, as Hina and Sumimoto keep watch on Tanimura from the building facing his office, he tries to hang himself. A horrified Hina attempts to rush over but Sumimoto restrains her and dispassionately says, “If he’s going to die, he’ll die. We’ll wait for Ramon to move on to his next target. We won’t be able to arrest Ramon if this becomes a case. It is our job to safeguard national interests. This is the foreign affairs police.” In the end, Tanimura changes his mind about committing suicide.

The next day, a man from a venture fund appears at Tanimura TEC. He speaks highly of its products and pledges to invest in the company. Tanimura is ecstatic.

Sumimoto orders Igarashi Ayane, one of the team members who is working undercover as a cleaner at Tanimura TEC, to check the man’s background, but she cannot find any information on him. Meanwhile, Tanimura gets flustered when he learns that he will not be getting the capital injection from the venture fund. And so, he calls Ramon and tells him that he will sell the explosive detector for 50 million yen. The two men are arrested by Sumimoto and his team the moment the detector is exchanged for money at a restaurant at Sangenjaya.

Ramon asserts his diplomatic immunity, but Sumimoto shows photos of his family and newborn baby to him. “Do you know what fate awaits a diplomat who is an accomplice of a terrorist? Do you think your family will be safe?” Sumimoto asks and promises Ramon that he will protect him if he cooperates with the police. On the other hand, Kurata is disturbed to learn that Sumimoto has arrested Ramon, and immediately orders his release to avoid a diplomatic spat.

Igarashi, who felt increasingly disillusioned by her undercover work, resigns from the Fourth Foreign Affairs Section. Before she leaves, she warns Hina not to trust Sumimoto … At that same moment, Sumimoto is sitting on a bench in a park. Then he gets up, and a man comes over to sit down. He unfolds the newspaper that Sumimoto had left on the bench to reveal an envelope with a wad of notes. That man is the venture fund manager who had promised to invest in Tanimura TEC!

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